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  • Student Sunip Mukherjee studies visible light at LoCSST.

    Lift Off!

    From producing small satellites to unlocking the mysteries of black holes, UML researchers are making space more accessible.
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  • NASA's Rover on Mars.

    Mystery On Mars

    Sciences dean helps NASA's rover unlock the secrets of Mars.
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  • Student's Jacob, Ian, and Jordan at the UML observatory.

    An Explosive Experience

    Physics students get paid for supernova research.
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  • Student holding a grain of sand containing Zircon.

    The World in a Grain of Sand

    Geoscientists study clues to understand how the earth evolved.
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  • Coral and other marine life at the bottom of the ocean.

    Under The Sea

    A biology professor’s research into corals and oysters sheds light on climate change and infectious diseases.
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  • Assoc. Teaching Prof. Roser Gine.

    Meet Them Where They Are

    Students' math skills have slipped since the pandemic. Assoc. Teaching Prof. Roser Gine is working to change that. 
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  • Ginika Okoli holding up two chocolate candy bars.

    Student Profile: Ginika Okoli '24

    An internship with an iconic brand opens up a new career path for the math major. 
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