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Mathematics Department Tutoring Schedule

Summer 2022 Tutoring Schedule

The Math Department provides daytime math tutoring both on-campus and online (Zoom).

On-Campus Tutoring:

Online (Zoom) Tutoring:

  • Monday - Wednesday and Friday - Sunday: 5 to 8 p.m.

After completing a quick Math Tutoring online survey, you will be presented with a Zoom URL to join tutoring. No appointment is needed!

All tutors can help with MATH 1000 - MATH 2999 level courses.

Summer 2022

TimeDay and Tutor(s)
10 a.m.DoweBrownDoweBrown
11 a.m.DoweBrownDoweBrown
1 p.m.DoweBrownDoweBrown
2 p.m.DoweBrownDoweBrown
3 p.m.DoweBrownDoweBrown
4 p.m.
5 p.m.Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)
Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Brown (Zoom)
6 p.m.Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)
Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Brown (Zoom)
8 p.m.Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)
Dowe (Zoom)Dowe (Zoom)Brown (Zoom)

Other Assistance

The Centers for Learning (CLASS) offers additional on-campus math tutoring, as well as evening and weekend tutoring in Fox Hall.