Janet Schrenk is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Chemistry Department at UMass Lowell.

Janet Schrenk

Associate Teaching Professor

College of Sciences


Inorganic Chemistry


  • Ph.D.: Inorganic Chemistry, (1985), University of Minnesota -Twin Cities - Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN Dissertation Title: Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of η5-Cyclopentadienyl Iron(II) η6-Arene Cations
  • BA: Chemistry, (1980), Carleton College - Northfield, MN

Selected Publications

  • Mann, K., Blough, A., Schrenk, J., Koefod, R., Freeman, D., Matachek, J. (1995). Mechanistic Aspects of the Photochemistry of [CpM(η6-arene)]+ Complexes of Fe, Ru, and Os. Pure and Applied Chemistry,67(1) 95-101.
  • "Royal Benin Art: Surfaces Past and Present" J. L. Schrenk. Proceedings of the International Symposium of Ancient and Historic Metals: Conservation and Scientific Research. Edited by D.A. Scott, J. Podany and B.B. Considine. The J. Paul Getty Museum and The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles. 1994 pp. 51-62.
  • Schrenk, J.L., Malde, P., Bordley, J.L. (1993). The Chemistry of Art: A Laboratory Intensive Course Designed to Interest Nonscientists in Chemistry. J. Chem. Ed. 70 (1993) 389.
  • "Corrosion and Past "Protective" Treatments of the Benin "Bronzes" in the National Museum of African Art." J.L. Schrenk. Material Issues in Art and Archaeology II. Materials Research Society Spring Meeting Symposium Proceedings 185 edited by P. B. Vandiver, J.R. Drusik and G.S. Wheeler Pittsburgh: Materials Research Society 1991 pp.805-812
  • Schrenk, J., McNair, A., McCormick, F., Mann, K. (1986). Effect of Arene Methylation on Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5-C5(CH3)5)M(η6-arene)]+ (M=Fe, Ru) Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry,25(19) 3501-3504.
  • Schrenk, J., Mann, K. (1986). Photochemical Studies of [(η5-C5R5)M(η6-COT)]+ and [(η5-C5R5)M(η4-1,5-COT)L]PF6 Complexes of Iron and Ruthenium. Inorganic Chemistry,25(11) 1906-1908.
  • McNair, A., Schrenk, J., Mann, K. (1984). Effect of Arene Substituents and Temperature on the Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5-C5R5)Fe(η6-arene)]+ and [(η5-C5R5)Ru(η6-arene)]+. Inorganic Chemistry,23(17) 2633-2640.
  • Schrenk, J., Palazzotto, M., Mann, K. (1983). Solvent and Ion-Pairing Effects on the Photochemical Arene Replacement Reactions of [(η5-C5R5)Fe(η6-p-xylene)]+. Evidence for a Medium-Assisted Photochemical Ligand Replacement Pathway from a LF Excited State. Inorganic Chemistry,22(26) 4047-4049.