Matthew Gage is Associate Professor, in the Chemistry Department Principal Investigator, Graduate Coordinator, and UMOVE Center Director all at UMass Lowell.

Matthew Gage, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Director, UMOVE Center

Kennedy College of Sciences
Chemistry, UMOVE, Center for Pathogen Research & Training (CPRT), SCORE
Olney 315b


Protein Structure/Function, biophysics, Spectoscopy, Bioinformatics

Research Interests

My research is focused on understanding protein function at a molecular level. I am interested in systems that are unique or break the "rules," such as disordered proteins. Our main focus is in the muscle protein titin and other proteins that interact with titin and we use a range of biophysical and bioinformatics tools to try to understand the complex interplay between the various proteins in the muscle.


  • Ph.D.: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (2001), Purdue University - Indiana, USA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Interaction of the Virally Encoded Fungal Toxin KP4 with Calcium Channels (Advisor : Thomas J. Smith, Ph.D.).
  • BS: Chemistry, (1996), University of Wyoming - Wyoming, USA
  • BS: Molecular Biology with Honors, (1996), University of Wyoming - Wyoming, USA

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Dean's List - University of Wyoming
  • NIH Biophysics Training Grant (2001) - Purdue University
  • Honor Book, Department of Molecular Biology. (1996) - University of Wyoming
  • Outstanding Student, Department of Chemistry (1996) - University of Wyoming
  • NSF REU Fellow, Department of Chemistry (1995) - University of Wyoming

Selected Publications

  • Tsiros, C., Punch, E., Schaffter, E., Apel, S., Gage, M.J., “Identification of the domains within the N2A region of titin that regulate binding to actin,” Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, (2022)
  • Kelly, C. & Gage M.J., “Protein Unfolding: Denaturant vs. Force” Biomedicines (2021) doi:10.3390/biomedicines9101395.
  • Kelly, C.M., Pace, N., Gage, M.J., Pfuhl, M “Solution NMR structure of titin N2A region Ig domain I83 and its interaction with metal ions” Journal of Molecular Biology (2021),
  • Putra, C., Konow, N., Gage, M.J., York, C.G., Mangano, K.M “Protein Source and Muscle Health in Older Adults: A Literature Review” Nutrients, (2021),
  • McEntire, K.D., Gage, M., Gawre, R., Hadfield, M.G., Hulshof, C., Johnson, M.A., Levesque, D.L., Segura, J., Pinter-Wollman, N “Understanding Drivers of Variation and Predicting Variability Across Levels of Biological Organization.” Integrative and Comparative Biology, (2021),
  • Premawardhana, D.M.S., Zhang F., Xu J., Gage M.J “The Poly-E motif in Titin's PEVK region undergoes pH dependent conformational changes” Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports (2020),
  • Hettige, P., Tahir U., Nishikawa K.C., Gage M.J “Comparative analysis of the transcriptomes of EDL, psoas, and soleus muscles from mice” BMC Genomics (2020)
  • Kelly, C.M., Manukian S., Kim E., Gage M.J “Differences in stability and calcium sensitivity of the Ig domains in titin's N2A region” Protein Science (2020),
  • Nishikawa, K., Dutta, S., DuVall, M., Nelson, B., Gage, M.J., Monroy, J “Calcium-dependent titin-thin filament interactions in muscle: observations and theory” Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility (2019),
  • Dutta, S., C. Tsiros, S.L. Sundar, H. Athar, J. Moore, B. Nelson, M.J. Gage, K. Nishikawa “Calcium increases titin N2A binding to F-actin and regulated thin filaments” Scientific Reports (2018),
  • Tiffany, H., K. Sonkar, M.J. Gage “The Insertion Sequence of the N2A Region of Titin Exists in an Extended Structure with Helical Characteristics” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics (2017),
  • Done, A.J., M.J. Gage, N.C. Nieto, T. Traustadottir “Exercised-induced Nrf2 signaling is impaired in aging” Free Radical Biology and Medicine (2016),
  • Purohit, R., B. G. Fritz, J. The, A. Issaian, A. Weichsel, C. L. David, E. V. Campbell, A. C. Haurath, L. Rassouli-Taylor, E. D. Garcin, M. J. Gage, W. R. Montfort “YC-1 Binding to the Beta Subunit of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Overcomes Allosteric Inhibition by the Alpha Subunit.” Biochemistry (2014),
  • Ma, W. K., R. Hendrix, C. Stewart, E. V. Campbell, M. Lavarias, K. Morris, S. Nichol, M.J. Gage “FlgM proteins from different bacteria exhibit different structural characteristics.” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins & Proteomics (2013)
  • Heintze, E., C. Aguilera, M. Davis, A. Fricker, Q. Li, J. Martinez, M.J. Gage “Exposure to uranium complexes results in upregulation of p53 mediated pathways.” Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2011)
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  • Webber, T. M., A. C. Allen, W.K. Ma, R.G. Molloy, C. N. Kettelkamp, C.A. Dow, M.J. Gage "Conformational detection of p53's oligomeric state by FlAsH Fluorescence." Biochemistry & Biophysics Research Communications (2009)
  • Webber, T., S. Gurung, J. Saul, T. Baker, M. Spatara, M. Freyer, A.S. Robinson, M.J. Gage. "The C-terminus of the P22 tailspike protein acts as an independent oligomerization domain for monomeric proteins." Biochemistry Journal (2009)
  • Gage, M.J., J.L. Zak, and A.S. Robinson “Three Amino Acids that are Critical to Formation and Stability of the P22 Tailspike Trimer.” Protein Science (2005)
  • Gage M.J., B.L. Lefebvre, A.S. Robinson, Determinants of P22 Tailspike Folding and Aggregation., in Misbehaving Proteins: Protein (Mis)Folding, Aggregation, and Stability, eds R. Murphy and A. Tsai, ACS press, invited review.
  • Lefebvre, B.L., N.K. Comolli, M.J. Gage, A.S. Robinson “Pressure Dissociation Studies Provide Insight Into Oligomerization Competence of Temperature-Sensitive Mutants of P22 Tailspike,” Protein Science (2004)
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  • Gage, M.J., J. Bruenn, M. Fischer, D. Sanders, T. J. Smith “KP4 Fungal Toxin Inhibits Growth in Ustilago maydis by Blocking Calcium Uptake.” Molecular Microbiology (2001)

Selected Presentations

  • Characterization of the intrinsically Disordered Region of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Aplha-1 Subunit" poster, Candice V. Benally, Parul Singh, and Matthew Gage, February 2014, Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. - Poster and Seminar Presentations, February 2014 - San Francisco, CA
  • Structural Studies on the N2A-IS Region of Titin poster, Kanchan Sonkar, Holly Tiffany, and Matthew Gage, February 2014, Biophysical Society Annual meeting, San Francisco, CA." - Poster and Seminar Presentations, February 2014
  • Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Understanding protein Function in the Absence of Structure - Seminar Presentations, February 2013 - Fargo, ND
  • Exploring the World of Intrinsically Disordered proteins" Matthew Gage, January 2013, IMSD Regional Meeting". - Invited Talk, January 2013 - Arizona
  • Developing Inhibitors for E. Coli tryptophan Synthase and Indole -3- Glyserol Phosphate Synthase Utilizing in vitro and in silico techniques - Poster, August 2012 - San Diego, CA
  • Characterizing the Structure and Function of Truncations from the Anti-Sigma Factor FlgM from Aquifex aeolicus - Poster and Talk, August 2012 - San Diego, CA
  • - Structural Characterization of the Unique Sequence Region from the N2A Domain of Titin, August 2012 - San Diego, CA
  • Thrombospondin-1 binding to CD 47 in the Regulation of Nitric Oxide Signaling, , August 2012 - San Diego, CA
  • Determining the Effects of various Crowding Agents on eGEP to Model Folding within the Cell, Poster, Amber Enriquez and Matthew Gage . - Poster, July 2011 - Boston, MA
  • Developing Inhibitors for Tryptophan Synthase Utilizing in Vitro and in Silico Studies was done by Holly Tiffany and Matthew Gage . - Poster, July 2011 - San Diego, CA
  • Development of Novel inhibitors of Indole glycerol -3-Phosphate, was done by Andrew Allen, Dorothy Kampf and Matthew Gage. - Poster, July 2011 - Boston, MA
  • Assessing the Degree of Disorder in Homologous FlgM proteins, Poster and Talk was done by Rachel Brackett, Wai kit ma and Matthew Gage. - Poster and Talk, July 2011 - Boston, MA
  • Assessing Various Ways to Mimic the Cellular Environment , was successfully done by Avery Fricker, Chad park and Matthew Gage. - Poster and Talk, July 2011 - Boston ,MA
  • Aquifex aeolicus FlgM protein exhibits a temperature dependent disordered nature - poster, July 2010 - San Diego, CA
  • Designing novel antimicrobial compounds to inhibit unexplored metabolic pathways,'' Poster, Andrew Allen, Samuel Gilmore, Rhett Molloy, Allison Grace, Jason McCabe, Cindy Browder, Matthew Gage", was done in July 2010. - Poster, July 2010 - San Diego, CA
  • Exploring conformational changes associated with binding of YC-1 to soluble guanylyl cyclase, Poster, Malia Davis, Camille Aguilera, Shauna Cooney, Matthew Gage, July 2010. - Poster, July 2010 - San Diego, CA
  • Development of Inhibitors of the Methionine and Tryptophan Biosynthetic pathways, Seminar was done by Matthew J. Gage, DTRA TMT Quarterly Meeting in July 2010. - Seminar, July 2010
  • Aquifex aeolicus FLgM Protein exhibits a temperature dependent disordered nature., February 2010 - San Francisco, CA.
  • Applying Thermodynamics to Fragment -based Drug Development - Seminar and Poster publications, February 2010 - San Francisco, CA
  • Assessing the degree of disorder in homologous FlgM proteins. - Seminar Presentations, February 2010 - San Francisco, CA.

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Improve musculoskeletal Health especially among the elderly (2018), Grant - IDEA Inter-Disciplinary Exchange & Advancement Initiative
    Lewis, E.S., Gage, M., Nugent, M.A., Mangano, K., Konow, N., Scribner-Maclean, M.
  • UMOVE UMass MOVEment Research Center-Exploring the mechanics of movement and muscle function (2017), Grant - UMass President's Office Science and Technology Initiative
    Lewis, E.S., Gage, M.,