Discover biological sciences research at UMass Lowell

Faculty Labs

Frederic Chain's Research Lab
Monitoring biodiversity and understanding evolutionary properties of the genome

Jennifer Fish's Research Lab
Developmental biology, evolution development and variation in development; craniofacial and limb development

Peter Gaines' Research Lab
Stem cell biology, innate immunology and cell culture methodologies & applications

Jessica Garb's Research Lab
Chemical and molecular ecology, arthropod genomics & evolutionary biology; production & evolution of spider silks & venoms

Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn Research Lab
Climate change and infectious disease in marine organisms

Hwai-Chen Guo's Research Lab
Structural enzymology, catalytic mechanism, immune responses & genetic diseases

Alison Hamilton
Biodiversity, conservation biology, evolutionary biology, herpetology, pacific biogeography

Rachel Melamed's Research Lab  - Computational biology, cancer genomics, data science, biomedical informatics

Garth Hall's Research
Cell biology, neurodegenerative disease & neuroscience

Rick Hochberg's Research Lab
Invertebrate morphology, the functions of invertebrate organ systems, ecology & evolution

Nicolai Konow's Research Lab
Comparative morphology, physiology & biomechanics

Jeffrey Moore's Research Lab 
Molecular biomechanics of contractile proteins, the structure & function of motor proteins & calcium regulation of muscle contraction

Teresa Lee's Research LabEpigenetic inheritance of complex traits like longevity; the role of chromatin in regulating gene expression & development

Natalie Steinel's Research Lab
Comparative immunology of fish, B cell biology, host-pathogen interactions/co-evolution & ecoimmunology

Thomas Shea's Laboratory for Neuroscience - Development & maintenance of the nervous system & its eventual degeneration in Alzheimer's Disease and Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) using molecular, cell culture & transgenic models

Naomi Wernick's Research
Biology education research to increase student success and retention