The mission of the WHO Collaborating Center for Occupational Health at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is to support the global efforts of the network to address priorities within the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers’ Health, primarily in the areas of occupational and environmental health.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (TOR) of the WHO Collaborating Center for Occupational Health are as follows:

  • TOR 1: To contribute to WHO/PAHO for strengthening capacity building by establishing bilateral occupational safety & health academic collaboration agreements with Universities in Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Thailand using knowledge networks on occupational safety and health as the primary mechanism
  • TOR 2: To assist WHO in the diffusion and dissemination of occupational health and safety information for vulnerable groups and high risk sectors in the Americas
  • TOR 3: To contribute to WHO/PAHO’s work on strengthening capacity building by providing formal training courses on psychosocial work factors to empower ‘hard to reach’ workers such as union workers, low-wage/industrial workers, and immigrant workers.
  • TOR 4: To support WHO/PAHO's action plans for protecting healthcare workers by providing technical assistance for mercury reduction in Latin American hospitals and other developing countries abroad.

See current Terms of Reference and associated activities (pdf).