Mass. Senate Special Election, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 UMass Lowell - Boston Herald Political Poll
Poll Conducted June 15-19, 2013: Highlights from interviews with 608 Mass. registered voters, including 312 likely voters (plus or minus 4 percentage points for all registered voters, and plus or minus 5.6 percentage points for likely voters). 

U.S. Senate Matchups

Ed Markey, the Democrat from Malden, Mass., appears to have consolidated his lead over Cohasset businessman and former Navy Seal, Gabriel Gomez, in the race to replace John Kerry in the US Senate. The special election is scheduled for June 25, 2013. Markey leads Gomez 56% to 36% among likely voters with 7% undecided and 53% to 32% among registered voters. In our March 2013 poll, when 85% of voters either had no opinion of, or had not heard of Gomez, Markey led by 19.5 percentage points. Markey also enjoys greater stability in support, with 76% of Markey voters saying that this is a firm choice, while 67% of Gomez voters say that their choice is firm.  That leaves a considerable number of voters who report that they could still change their mind (24% of Markey voters; 33% of Gomez voters). However, given the size of Markey’s lead, Gomez requires a significant event if he hopes to change the trajectory of this race in its last week. READ FULL HIGHLIGHTS.