Our research into material technologies for personal protective equipment include multifunctional and advanced textiles (Flame retardant, insect repellant, anti-microbial, etc.), thermal management and protection from chemical biological agents technologies, as well as blunt impact and ballistic protection.


Multifunctional and Advanced Textiles:
  • Flame retardant coatings for Nyco fabrics - functionalization, characterization and mechanistic understanding
  • Novel micellar systems for lightweight multifunctional protection
  • Reducing or eliminating laundering for composite suites by eliminating odor
  • Bio-inspired coatings based on encapsulation of naturally occurring chlorophyll
  • Complex Fabric Manufacturing and Characterization
Thermal Management:
  • Novel thermo-responsive fibers for lightweight smart thermal insulation
  • Smart control of infrared (IR) radiation of textiles for lightweight powerless thermal insulation
  • Fabrication of breathable elastomer with chemical/biological protection
  • Oxime-Modified Activated Carbon Composites for Adsorption and Detoxification of Nerve
  • Incorporation of Nanoparticles onto Polymer Fibers/Fabrics using Reactive Plasma Treatment
Impact Protection:
  • Data analytics and impact modeling based benchmarking of combat helmets for mitigation
  • New curved sapphire based materials for transparent armor
  • A smart sensing system for early detection of damage in helmets and body armor