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A person wearing a portable VO2 measurement device walking on an instrumented treadmill with motion capture cameras.

The NERVE-Movement Assessment and Performance Lab in the Fabric Discovery Center.

The NERVE-Movement Assessment and Performance Lab in the Fabric Discovery Center includes state-of-the-art instruments that measure 3D ground reaction forces, 3D body kinematics, muscle activities, brain activities, metabolic cost and joint torque and power. The instruments include:

  • Motek Instrumented Split-Belt Treadmill
    • Measuring 3D ground reaction forces
    • Dual belt with individual control
    • Multiple degrees of freedom - Pitch and Sway
    • Quick acceleration and deceleration with safety control
    • Self-pace mode with low friction that mimics natural environment
    • Real-time control and data recording
  • Camera-based Motion Capture system
    • Gold standard for measuring 3D kinematics of the whole body and individual joints
  • Electromyography Systems to Detect and Record Muscle Activities
    • 16 Wireless and stand alone Delsys Trigno EMG sensors
    • 16 Low profile wireless BIOPAC Bionomadix EMG sensors
    • 16-channel EMG & Goniometer system (Biometrics Ltd)
  • Wearable Motion Capture Systems (APDM and Xsens MVN)
    • Measuring 3D human kinematics on the field
    • Lightweight IMU-based motion capture sensors
  • Cosmed K5 Wearable Metabolic Technology to Estimate Metabolic Expenditure
    • For both laboratory and field testing
  • Rehabtek IntelliStretcher, a single-axis robotic device
    • Able to be reconfigured to measure torque and motion of wrist, elbow or forearm of a human subject
  • Neuroelectrics Enobio 32 Electroencephalogy
    • 32-channel EEG system including dry and wet electrodes to record brain activities
  • Motorized stationary bicycle and standard treadmill for conducting exercise interventions