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Currently, the CDH team has many active research projects, most of which are funded by federal funding agencies (e.g., NSF and NIH). The following are a list of sample funded projects.

Two elderly or older men sitting at a table clapping during a Learning in Retirement event. Photo by Meghan Moore

The Aging Population

  • NIH: RELAX project ($1.3M): Mobile application suite targeting obesity and stress
  • NIH Dietary Monitoring project ($1M): Mobile application and network for dietary monitoring
  • EOLA Solutions Inc. ($228K): A new-generation healthcare monitoring system platform over big data
Anatomical models of the human body.

Chronic Disease

  • NIH Get Social project ($2M): Randomized trial of a social network delivered lifestyle intervention
  • NIH project ($2.4M): Develop novel approaches for predicting free-living physical activities in youth
A male student gets his blood pressure checked at Student Health Services.

Health Disparities

  • NIH Center Grant ($10M): Center on population health and health disparities
  • NIH R21 Grant ($200K): Multilevel determinants of CVD risk in African Americans
  • NIH R01 Grant ($2M): Randomized trial of a postpartum diabetes prevention program in Hispanic women
Network cables

High Speed Network

  • NSF Flowell project ($500K): Built high speed networking and computing systems to support efficient and secure data transmission and sharing for digital health information systems
  • NSF STREAMS project ($500K): Address the challenges in multimodal home-based sensing and data processing for patients with chronic disease
People wearing lab coats in labs working on computers.

High Performance Computing

  • NSF HPC-B project ($306K): Developing high performance computing algorithms and infrastructure to address a variety of digital health research challenges
  • NSF Flexware project ($1M): Study computing systems to support computer assisted independent living for aging individuals
Breast cancer cell Photo by National Cancer Institute

Computational Intelligence

  • Nvida ($200K): Develop advanced data mining to discover disease subtypes in cancer for precision medicine
  • NASA ($300K): Analysis of the wet chemistry data from the Phoenix lander mission aided by machine learning
A sign in Spanish reading: Juntos Contra La Tuberculosis (Together Against Tuberculosis).

Medical Image Processing & Analysis

  • NIH R01 Grant ($1.3M): Improve tuberculosis diagnostics using deep learning-based approaches and mobile health technologies

Natural Language Processing

  • NIH R01 ($819K): EHR anticoagulants pharmacovigilance
  • NIH R01 ($2M): Exploring natural language processing, image processing, machine learning, and user interfacing for intelligent biomedical figure search
3D Isolated Human Cell Background.

Personalized Cancer Therapy

  • The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Board of Directors ($8M): Center for personalized cancer therapy (CPCT)