Marlowe Miller is an Professor in the English Department, FDC Steering Committee Chair and CWW Senior Associate at UMass Lowell.

Marlowe A. Miller


College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
English, Climate Change Initiative
O'Leary Library - 431


British and American modernist literature, composition and rhetoric, and gender studies.

Research Interests

  • British and American modernist literature, composition and rhetoric, and gender studies.
  • Domestic space in modernist literature; Gender and narrative in modernist literature; The literature of dissent in soviet socialist Czechoslovakia.


  • Ph.D.: English and American Literature, with a sub-specialty in Composition and Rhetoric, (1991), University of California, San Diego - San Diego, CA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Family, War, and Writing: H.D., Virginia Woolf, and Marguerite Duras
  • Other: English and American Literature and Composition/Rhetoric, (1989), University of California, San Diego - San Diego, CA
  • BA: English, (1983), Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, CA


Marlowe A. Miller, Ph.D. is the author of Masterpieces of British Literature (Greenwood 2007), an introductory critical text for students. Miller has published articles on the British pageant tradition in Virginia Woolf’s last novel, on narrative constructions of identity in a post-totalitarian state, and on pedagogy in the university classroom. For the past three years, Miller has been working closely with faculty from area high schools on “Partnerships for Readiness in Math an English” – this federally funded grant project has generated successful faculty development, produced original pedagogical materials, and resulted in several professional presentations at national conferences. A Research Associate at the UMass Lowell Center for Women and Work, Miller is currently working through the Center’s Emerging Scholars Program as she collaborates with a student scholar to investigate the role of domestic space in the novels of several modernist women writers. Miller is the Chair of the UMass Lowell FDC Steering Committee.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Gender Studies Teaching Fellow, Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Research Associate, Scholarship/Research - UMass Lowell Center for Women and Work
  • Teaching Excellence Award (1998), Teaching - English Department, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Who's Who Among American Teachers (1998)

Selected Publications

  • Miller, M.A. (2006). Masterpieces of British modernism / Marlowe A. Miller.
  • Miller, M.A. (2000). Figuring Literary Theory and Refiguring Teaching: Graphics in the Undergraduate Literary Theory Course (pp. 61-73). Learning Literature in an Era of Change: Innovations in Teaching
  • Miller, M.A. (2000). Seton, Grace Gallatin Thompson, Suffragists, Explorers. American National Biography Online
  • Miller, M.A. (1998). 'To Familiarize the Strange and Mystify the Familiar': Sherley Anne Williams's Play Letters from a New England Negro. MAWA Review, 13(1) 1-15.
  • Miller, M.A. (1998). Death gets a B. College Teaching, 46(3) 98.
  • Miller, M.A. (1998). Unveiling 'The Dialectic of Culture and Barbarism' in British Pageantry: Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts. Papers on Language and Literature: A Journal for Scholars and Critics of Language and Literature, 34(2) 134-161.
  • Miller, M.A. (1994). Between the Acts of Modernism and Postmodernism. Virginia Woolf Miscellany, (44) 4-4.

Selected Presentations

  • Strategies for Success, 2017 Lowell, MA
  • ACSD Conference in Philadelphia, March 2012 Philadelphia, PA
  • New England College Board Forum, February 2012 Boston, MA
  • UML Faculty Development Conference, 2010 Lowell, MA
  • Academic Technology Grant Conference, October 2009 Marlboro, MA
  • Re-Envisioning Writing Assessment, November 2008 Southbridge, MA
  • Emerging Technologies Conference, April 2008 Boxborough, MA
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning pre-conference workshop leaderUMass Emerging Technologies Conference, April 2008 Boxborough, MA
  • Czech WomenConference for Women and Work, April 2007
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Technology and Reflective Practice, April 2007 Shrewsbury, MA
  • Conference on Writing, Teaching, and Technology, April 2006 Amherst, MA
  • Blended TeachingConversation dinner, April 2004
  • Write Place Tutors, February 2004
  • Designing Course GraphicsNew England Faculty Development Conference with Dr. Mary Beaudry, November 2001 Worcester, MA
  • Collaboration That WorksNew England Association of Teachers of English conference, October 2001 Nashua, NH
  • Poster on the Scholarship of TeachingConversation Dinner on the work of the Carnegie Task Force, November 2000
  • Lowell Women's Week: Bridging Campuses and CommunitiesNational Women's Studies Association Conference, June 2000 Lowell, MA
  • Dickens and MCASDickens and America: Literature, Industry and Culture conference, April 2000 Lowell, MA
  • Lowell Women's WeekUMass Lowell Diversity Conference, March 2000 Lowell, MA
  • Dismantling the National Myth of Totalitarian SocialismNortheast Modern Language Association, April 1999 Pittsburg, PA
  • Feminist Postnational NarrativeModern Language Association, December 1998 San Francisco, CA
  • Identity and the ex-Dissident in a Post-Totalitarian State: Eva Kanturkova's Celebration of Individual Ethical ActsModern Language Association, December 1998 San Francisco, CA
  • Sharing the Fate of the Text: Interviews with Czech Women WritersFaculty Salon, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 1998 Lowell, MA
  • Metro Face: Reflections on Post-Communist PragueHonors Colloquium, 1998 Lowell, MA
  • Team-Teaching Womenês StudiesPresented at the request of the Council on Teaching and Learning, Conversation Dinner, 1998 Lowell, MA
  • History and the Oral Tradition: Reclaiming Word and TerrainBlack Women Writers and the High Art of Afro-American Letters, May 1998 San Diego, CA
  • Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, May 1998 Boston, MA
  • For his Consumption: Domestic Space and a Daughter's Place in the Work of Virginia Woolf and H.D.Northeast Modern Language Association Conference, April 1998 Baltimore, MD
  • Commuter Awareness Week, 1997
  • Defining Feminism in the Czech RepublicHonors Colloquium, 1997 Lowell, MA
  • Czech Women Define FeminismWomen's Week, 1997 Lowell, MA
  • Trauma Theory and Peer Critiques of Personal Essays, February 1997 Durham, NH
  • Portfolios in the Writing ClassBrown Bag Lunch, 1996 Lowell, MA
  • Interviewing Czech DissidentsDr. Gallagher's Women's Studies Course, 1996 Lowell, MA
  • Composition Specialists in the Real WorldHonors Colloquium, 1996 Lowell, MA
  • Student Self Disclosure in Academic WritingConference on Composition, October 1996 Fall River, MA
  • Bicultural Perspectives of America, April 1996 Montreal, CA
  • The Poet With the Necessary WordNortheast Modern Language Association Conference, April 1996 Montreal, Canada
  • Space in the Modern NovelTwentieth Century Literature Conference, February 1996 Louisville, KY
  • Excavating History: Literary and Sociological Approaches to Black HeritageAmerican Women Writers of Color Conference, October 1995 Ocean City, MD
  • The Oral Tradition in the Work of Sherley Anne WilliamsAmerican Women Writers of Color Conference, October 1995 Ocean City, MD
  • Women's Studies in Eastern EuropeNew England Women's Studies Association Conference, April 1995 Storrs, CT
  • Contemporary Multicultural Literature, March 1995 Boston, MA
  • Distilling the Word: Verbal Alchemy in H.D.'s Retrieval of the MotherNortheast Modern Language Association, March 1995 Boston, MA
  • Alchemical Poetics: H.D.'s Modernist AestheticTwentieth Century Literature Conference, February 1995 Louisville, KY
  • Sharing the Fate of the Text: A Czech Woman Writer's Response to Political OppressionModern Language Association, December 1994 San Diego, CA
  • Marguerite Duras in Film, 1994 Lowell, MA
  • The Space of RepresentationNortheast Modern Language Association, April 1994 Pittsburg, PA
  • Mad With the Horrors of the World: Marguerite Duras's War TextsTwentieth Century Literature Conference, February 1994 Louisville, KY
  • Who Gets to Tell the Story of the Self? Marguerite Duras and The LoverModern Language Association, December 1993 Toronto, Canada
  • The Writing of Virginia WoolfPresented to the Literary Society, English Department, 1993 Lowell, MA
  • Whose Subject Is It? Duras and Annaud on The LoverWomen's Studies Brown Bag Series, 1993 Lowell, MA
  • Writing Together as a Feminist StrategySouthern California Women's Caucus for Art, Annual Conference, February 1993 Los Angeles, CA
  • The Tyrannies and Servilities of the Public and Private: Woolf's Between the ActsTwentieth Century Literature Conference, February 1993 Louisville, KY
  • Wartime Gender Roles and the Literature of Virginia WoolfCharles University Gender Studies Program, April 1992 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Unmasked and Unmuffled: Writing Beyond PolitenessConference on College Composition and Communication, March 1990 Chicago, IL
  • Feminist Approaches to RhetoricInternational Rhetoric Council, Annual Conference, March 1990 San Diego, CA
  • Composing Writing Processes: Using Metaphorical StoriesConference on College Composition and Communication, March 1989 Seattle, WA
  • Gender and Rhetorical Stance: Teaching Alternative RhetoricsConference on College Composition and Communication, March 1987 Atlanta, GA