Vibes and Waves captures the programs and projects that CACT has engaged in connecting our graduate, undergraduate students, alumni and industry partners with the broader community of high schools and organizations supporting the immigrant population of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE)

Two masked female students working in a lab using a tape measure.

This project pilots a novel model of graduate education in which graduate students partnering with faculty and industry mentors co-create educational modules on interdisciplinary topics.

The topic of Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering is considered as an application for the prototype IGE model. The collaborative research includes UMass Dartmouth, University of the District of Columbia and North Carolina A&T State University.

Research, Academics and Mentoring Pathways (RAMP)

Group photo of 2019 UMass Lowell RAMP students.

RAMP is a six-week summer bridge program during the July-August time period that supports the transition of underrepresented students from high schools and community colleges to the engineering degree pathway at UMass Lowell.

Since 2018, sixty-five students (43 women) have graduated from RAMP. RAMP students are guided by near-peer mentors, faculty and staff and connected to women leaders from several technology industries . Students gain academic skills and credits by taking Calculus and Intro to Engineering and acquire research skills through engineering projects.

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Future of Work with Augmented Reality (FW-AR)

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is an augmented reality headset developed and manufactured by Microsoft on a table with a monitor in the background.

This planning grant investigates the human factors element in the design of AI assisted AR technology for training the future workforce. Of particular interest are models for engaging users of the AR technology with system designers and experts in the relevant workforce.

A case study of applying this technology for transitioning automotive workers to the fast emerging electric vehicle manufacturing environment is studied.

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GK-12 Project

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CASE Project with Saydanar Community

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