sciences Kennedy College of Sciences

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
Noureddine MelikechiDean
Stephen NortonAssistant Dean
Paul BryceAssociate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Peter GainesDepartment ChairpersonBiological Sciences978-934-2894Peter_Gaines​@​
Jeffrey MooreInterim Associate ChairBiological
Suri IyerDepartment
Khalilah ReddieAssociate
Holly YancoDepartment ChairpersonMiner School of Computer and Information
Byung KimAssociate ChairMiner School of Computer and Information
David AdamsAssociate Chair, Undergraduate StudiesMiner School of Computer and Information
Jeffrey BasaraDepartment ChairpersonEnvironmental, Earth & Atmospheric
Lori WeedenAssociate ChairEnvironmental, Earth & Atmospheric
Ravi MontenegroDepartment ChairpersonMathematics and
Theresa SchilleAssociate ChairMathematics and
Arthur MittlerInterim Department ChairpersonPhysics & Applied
Nikolay LepeshkinAssociate ChairPhysics & Applied

FAHSSCollege of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
Luis FalconDean
Sue KimAssociate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Andrew HarrisAssociate Dean, Research and Graduate
Stacy SzczesiulAssociate Dean of Online Education, Accreditation &
Wael KamalAssistant Dean
Stephen MisholDepartment ChairpersonArt &
Maria MatzDepartment ChairpersonWorld Languages &
Muhammad QuayesDepartment
Jonathan SilvermanDepartment
Christoph StrobelDepartment
Barry LongDepartment
Ramon CastilloAssociate
Nicholas EvansDepartment
Joshua DyckDepartment ChairpersonPolitical
Joseph GonzalesDepartment
Joseph GonzalesAssociate
April PattavinaDepartment ChairpersonSchool of Criminology & Justice
Melissa MorabitoAssociate ChairSchool of Criminology & Justice
Jill HendricksonDepartment ChairpersonSchool of Education, Curriculum and
Cheryl LlewelynDepartment

engineeringFrancis College of Engineering

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
James SherwoodDean
Kavitha ChandraAssociate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Sukesh AgharaAssociate Dean, Graduate Studies and
Walfre FrancoInterim Department ChairpersonBiomedical
Adam St. JeanAssociate Chair, Undergraduate ProgramsBiomedical
Chiara GhezziAssociate Chair, Ph.D. ProgramBiomedical
Zhiyong GuDepartment ChairpersonChemical
Nese OrbeyAssociate Chair, Undergraduate Programs – ExternalChemical
Eric MaaseAssociate Chair, Undergraduate Programs - InternalChemical
Hsi-Wu WongAssociate Chair, Graduate ProgramsChemical
Xiaoqi ZhangDepartment ChairpersonCivil & Environmental
Edward HajdukAssociate Chair, Undergraduate ProgramCivil & Environmental
John TingAssociate Chair, MS ProgramCivil & Environmental
Sheree PagsuyoinAssociate Chair, Ph.D. ProgramCivil & Environmental
Xiaoqi ZhangAssociate Chair for Environmental Engineering, MS, Ph.D. ProgramsCivil & Environmental
Jay WeitzenDepartment ChairpersonElectrical & Computer
Tingshu HuAssociate Chair, Undergraduate ProgramElectrical & Computer
Joel TherrienAssociate Chair, MS ProgramElectrical & Computer
Alkim AkyurtluAssociate Chair, Ph.D. ProgramElectrical & Computer
Christopher HansenDepartment ChairpersonMechanical and Industrial
David WillisAssociate Chair, Undergraduate ProgramMechanical and Industrial
Fuqiang LiuAssociate Chair, MS ProgramMechanical and Industrial
Murat InalpolatAssociate Chair, Ph.D. ProgramMechanical and Industrial
Carol BarryDepartment ChairpersonPlastics
Anne SoucyAssociate Chair, Undergraduate ProgramsPlastics
Amy PetersonAssociate Chair, MS ProgramPlastics
Bridgette BudhlallAssociate Chair, Ph.D. ProgramPlastics

healthZuckerberg College of Health Sciences

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
Mary GallantDean
Dhimiter BelloAssociate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies978-934-3343Dhimiter
Nicole ChampagneAssociate Dean of Academic Affairs
Brenda GeigerAssistant
Thomas WilsonInterim Department ChairpersonBiomedical & Nutritional
Javier HortaAssociate ChairBiomedical & Nutritional
WenJun LiDepartment ChairpersonPublic
YiNing WuInterim Department ChairpersonPhysical Therapy and
Heidi FantasiaDepartment ChairpersonSolomont School of
Mazen El GhaziriAssociate ChairSolomont School of

businessManning School of Business

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
Bertie GreerDean
Yi YangAssociate Dean of Graduate Studies and Strategic
Amit DeokarAssociate Dean of Undergraduate
Khondkar KarimDepartment
Steven FreundDepartment
Michael CiuchtaActing Department
Berk TalayDepartment ChairpersonMarketing, Entrepreneurship &
Juheng (Julie) ZhangDepartment ChairpersonOperations & Information

honors Honors College

NameTitleDepartmentPhoneEmail Address
Jenifer Whitten-WoodringDean