With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Rohann Nair was torn about whether to pursue a master of science degree or an MBA. Instead of choosing, he opted for both by enrolling in UMass Lowell’s master’s degree in engineering management

Nair says the combination of technical and management coursework as well as the exposure to different industries are just what he’d hoped for when he “took the plunge” and enrolled. 

“The degree will broaden my horizons and help me get into any industry I want,” he says, whether his career leads to supply chain, manufacturing, quality or R&D. 

Case in point: Nair’s internship with Teleflex in Coventry, Conn., a worldwide provider of medical technology products. His internship turned into an offer for a co-op job, which he’ll hold while continuing his coursework. He likes the high-stakes nature of ensuring quality of medical products.

“Quality can slip a little in other industries,” he says. “But in the medical industry, patients’ lives are directly at risk.” 

Nair says the master’s program is “intense, but also fun and challenging.” He values the “personal touch” he has received from faculty like Prof. Sammy Shina, who is director of the engineering management program.

Nair said that the curriculum has turned out to be just what he was looking for.

“It is the perfect balance between manufacturing, quality and supply chain, and also includes the MBA coursework,” he concluded.

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