UMass Lowell is committed to climate neutrality as an institution and is a leader in sustainable education, research and innovation. Sustainability is at the core of the university’s comprehensive strategy to manage growth and respond to societal needs.

Vital Components of Planning, Reporting & Recognition for Sustainability

Accelerating our Commitment to Sustainability

The University takes an aggressive approach to responding to the effects of climate change and integrating sustainability into every aspect of university life.

Along with our robust offerings of high-quality academic programs, creation of state-of the-art facilities, and strong partnerships, UMass Lowell has made a conscious decision to accelerate its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This path to acceleration is supported by senior officials across the campus.

The University is committed to tracking and benchmarking its progress towards our goals and uses a variety of tools and key performance indicators to evaluate our success and chart the course forward. All of this is closely monitored by the Office of Sustainability and planning groups across campus.