If you have questions about policies and procedures for Today@UMass Lowell, email

Submissions to Today

Today@UMass Lowell is an official publication of the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Today@UMass Lowell serves as a limited public forum - its purpose is to share activities and events, as well as university news, with the campus community. Submissions made to Today are reviewed prior to publishing and subject to editing. The university reserves the right at its discretion to exclude submissions that are outside the parameters of the purpose of this forum including, but not limited to, submissions that are solicitations, personal news or contain extraneous messaging from affiliated or external organizations.
Since the submission form strips out formatting, such as hyperlinks, please include web addresses within your submission so they can be hyperlinked in the editing process. 
Announcements submitted by midnight will be included for distribution at 10 a.m. the following weekday. Faculty and staff get a daily email. Students only receive a Today email on Wednesdays.  Submit announcements using the online form by logging in with your or credentials. 
To change or remove an announcement, email When submitting, enter an appropriate Beginning Date and End Date for your announcement to begin appearing and expire from the Today website and email.
To find an expired announcement, simply search for it in the Today archive. If you can't find an announcement by searching the Today@UMass Lowell archive, email and we should be able to find it for you.
From the Top announcements come from the Chancellor, her Executive Cabinet and other members of the campus leadership team. If you are submitting a From the Top announcement on behalf of a campus leadership team member, please include a note within the body of the announcement stating who the leadership team member is. 

The Featured Events that appear on Today@UMass Lowell feed from the university's calendar (25Live). To have an event included in the calendar, you must use BookIt to reserve a space in 25Live, the campus space reservation system. Add information about your event into the Description field on the BookIt form. 

For calendar events that don’t take place in a particular location or are off campus, use UML-Info as a "virtual location" to get your information or deadline into the calendar. See all event booking policies and procedures on the Events website.

To request a Featured Event, email Please be aware the Featured Events are a curated list that appears on the daily Today email, the Today/Now websites, on the calendar page and on the home page of the university website, as well other pages throughout the website. They are of interest to a general audience and/or promote the values and mission of the university.