The Manning Entrepreneurship Hub (MEH) is a student-run hub focused on entrepreneurial activities and professional development. Our primary focus is to facilitate the connection between students who are looking for an internship and local small businesses that are looking for interns. Please note that this program is suited for small businesses, "If you are a large business looking to hire interns or a student looking to apply at a large corporation, please refer to the Career & Co-op Center for internship opportunities."

Both UMass Lowell students and small businesses benefit from our program, which is why our program is unique. Our goal is to enhance students' knowledge in entrepreneurship ventures, and for them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

MEH is the place where UMass Lowell students can find appropriate information and guidance to achieve their aspirations. MEH will provide support to small businesses and organizations that want to start an internship program or strengthen their current program. This not only promotes internships throughout the community but adds strong connections for the future.


MEH aims to match local businesses with UMass Lowell students. Through the process of reverse pitching, we help change the tide of how job fairs are usually done, and help students and employers find a better match with each other. As the product of multiple student organizations on campus, we provide a platform where students and employers can connect and interact. We know that UMass Lowell is filled with talented students who are motivated and looking for a great opportunity to use their knowledge and skills, and we want for employers to see that for themselves.

Contact The Manning Entrepreneurship Hub

For questions about the Manning Entrepreneurship Hub, please email: wilsoncenter@uml.edu.