The Jack M. Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship coordinates and integrates UMass Lowell campus-wide entrepreneurship activities and initiatives.


The Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship works collaboratively with several entrepreneurship activities and initiatives to make valuable contributions to university-wide efforts. It serves as a critical resource for students, faculty, alumni and the local business community. The Center will become an internationally recognized organization in promoting innovation in entrepreneurship education and research.

The Center’s primary focus:

  • Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education
  • Faculty and Doctoral Research in Entrepreneurship education
  • Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2)
  • Webinars on Entrepreneurship education
  • Alumni and Executive Workshops
  • Speaker Series
  • Professional Development
  • Start-up and Corporate Entrepreneurship Case Studies
  • Student Internships
The center was established in 2015 by UMass President Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor Jack M. Wilson. The Center resides in the Manning School of Business, which offers a range of academic programs:
  • Undergraduate concentration
  • Minor in entrepreneurship for non-business students
  • Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship
  • Interdisciplinary capstone with engineering
  • Multicultural, multidisciplinary global entrepreneurship and innovation

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