Yuerong (Cindy) Liu

Yuerong Liu

Assistant Professor

Manning School of Business
Marketing Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(978) 934-2891
Pulichino Tong Business Center - 231


  • Ph D: Marketing, (2022), West Virginia University - Morgantown, WV 26506

Selected Publications

  • Wang, X. (West Virginia University), Wei, R. (Emlyon Business School), Liu, Y., Xia, H. (Shandong University Weihai), Zhao, Y. (University of Nebraska at Omaha) (2023). The Effects of Relational Knowledge Emphasis on New Product Development Strategy. Industrial Marketing Management.
  • Crosno, J.L. (West Virginia University), Dahlstrom, R. (Miami University), Liu, Y., Tong, P. (Illinois State University) (2021). Effectiveness of Contracts in Marketing Exchange Relationships: A Meta-analytic Review. Industrial Marketing Management, (92).
  • Brown, J.R. (West Virginia University), Crosno, J.L., Liu, Y. (West Virginia University), Dev, C.S. (Cornell University) (2020). Relationship Satisfaction: An Overlooked Marketing Channel Safeguard. Industrial Marketing Management, (87) 171-180.