Sangphill (Phil) Kim

Sangphill Kim

Associate Professor

Manning School of Business
(978) 934-2770

Research Interests

Corporate finance, investments and international business

StartFragment Prof. Kim has research interests in international finance, corporate finance and investments. He published many papers in International Finance especially in the area of East Asia. He is known as one of the leading scholars in Korean Economy and conducted many seminars and lectures on topics regarding Korean Economy. Through his connections in Korea, he has provided consulting services for many Korean Companies in the past.


  • Ph D: Finance, (1984), Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
  • MBA, (1980), Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA
  • BA, (1976), Yon-Sei University - Seoul, Korea

Selected Publications

  • Kim, S., Kim, T., Pae, S., Kim, S. (2018). Audit fees via an indirect payment channel and professional skepticism. Managerial Auditing Journal.
  • DeGennaro, R., Kim, S. (2003). The CAPM and beta in an imperfect market. Available at SSRN 372780.
  • Kim, S., Rui, D.O., Xu, P. (2002). Risk Shift Following Dividend Change Announcement: The Role of Trading Volume. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 19(1) 45-63.
  • Chen, K.C., Kim, S., Xu, P.H. (2001). Long-Term Performance After Stock Splits: A Closer Look. International Journal of Finance, 13(4) 2045-2056.
  • Kim, Y., Park, J., Kim, S. (2000). Korean inflation during the US military administration of 1945-1948: a further analysis. Applied Economics, 32(5) 625-633.
  • Kim, S., Kim, Y.Y. (1999). High-Return Low-Beta Stock Markets: A New Approach with Generalized International Asset Pricing Model. International Journal of Business, 4.
  • Kim, S., Rui, M. (1999). Price, Volume, and Volatility Spillovers Among New York, Tokyo, and London Stock Markets. International Journal of Business, 4(2) 41-61.
  • Kim, S., Diallo, L.A., Klein, L. (1999). Selecting optimal executive compensation scheme under uncertainty and the role of the covariance factors. Managerial Finance, 25(9) 1-20.
  • Kim, S., Rui, M. (1999). Self-Tender Offers: Free Cash Flow or Signaling? Research in finance, 17 153-172.
  • Kim, S., Rui, M., Xu, P. (1998). An Empirical Analysis on IPO Underpricing and Performance of Newly Privatized Firms in China. Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 1(04) 461-479.
  • Koo, J., Kim, Y.Y., Kim, S. (1998). Regional income convergence: evidence from a rapidly growing economy. Journal of Economic Development, 23(2) 191-203.
  • Kim, S., Abdolmohammadi, M.J., Klein, L.A. (1996). CVP under uncertainty and the manager's utility function. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 6(2) 133-147.
  • Kim, Y., Kim, S. (1996). Korean Inflation during the U. S. Military Administration of 1945-48. Southern Economic Journal, 63(2) 378-387.
  • Diallo, A., Kim, S. (1989). Asymmetric information, captive insurers' formation, and managers' welfare gain. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 233-251.
  • Kim, S., Chai, J.J. (1987). Progressive Tax-Based Tenure Choice: A study of Korean Housing Rentals. International Economic Journal, 1(2) 61-69.

Selected Presentations

  • The Buy-Back Option on Leased Assets: Economic Value and Deal Sweetener Under Asymmetric Information. - International Academy of Business and Economics Summer Conference, June 2011 - Barcelona, Spain
  • Understanding the Spread Between 'Jonse' Pricing and Housing Pricing in Korea: An Alternative Approach. - Association for Global Business Annual Conference, November 2009 - New, Orlando, FL
  • The BuyBack Option on Leased Assets: Economic Value or Mere Deal Sweetener? - Association for Global Business Annual Meeting, November 2007 - Washington, DC