José-Mauricio Galli Geleilate is an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at UMass Lowell.

José-Mauricio Galli Geleilate

Associate Professor

Manning School of Business


  • Ph D: Business Administration, (2016), Florida International University
  • MBA: Finance, (2012), Fundação Getulio Vargas / FGV (AACSB accredited)
  • MBA: Strategy, (2011), Universidade de Fortaleza
  • BBA: Business, (2008), Universidade Federal do Ceará

Selected Awards and Honors

  • 2019 Alan M. Rugman Young Scholar(s) Best Paper Award (2019), Scholarship/Research - Academy of International Business
  • Teaching Excellence Award - Management Department (2017) (2018), Teaching - Manning School of Business
  • Teaching Excellence Award - Management Department (2021) (2018), Teaching - Manning School of Business
  • Best Paper Award (2014) - Academy of International Business – North East Chapter 2014
  • Best Paper Award (2014) - CLADEA – Annual Meeting 2014
  • Best Paper in Emerging Economies Research Finalist (2014) - Academy of International Business – Annual Meeting 2014
  • Best Paper Award (2013) - Iberoamerican Academy of Management 2013
  • Best PhD. Student Paper Award Finalist (2013) - Academy of International Business – South East Chapter 2013

Selected Publications

  • Geleilate, J., Parente, R.C. (Florida International University), Talay, B.B. (). Can systems integration lead to improved performance? The role of strategic alliances. Industrial Marketing Management, 95(May 2021) 17-28.
  • Geleilate, J., Zollo, . (M.), , Faischmidt, . (S.) (2020). More (new) products, more problems? A systems perspective on increased capability deployment and organizational errors. Long Range Planning. .
  • Geleilate, J.G., Andrews, D., Fainschmidt, S. (2019). Subsidiary autonomy and subsidiary performance: A meta-analysis. Journal of World Business, online first.
  • , Parente, R., Geleilate, J., Misati, E., (2019). Adapting and sustaining operations in weak institutional environments: A business ecosystem assessment of a Chinese MNE in Central Africa. Journal of International Business Studies , 50(2) 275-291.
  • Parente, R.C., Geleilate, J., Rong, K. (2018). The Sharing Economy Globalization Phenomenon: A Research Agenda. Journal of International Management, 24(1) 52-64.
  • Hermans, M., Newburry, W., Alvarado-Vargas, M., Baldo, C., Borda, A., Durán-Zurita, E., Geleilate, J., Guerra, M., Lasio Morello, M., Madero-Gómez, S., Olivas-Lujan, M., Zwerg-Villegas, A. (2017). Attitudes towards women’s career advancement in Latin America: The moderating impact of perceived company international proactiveness. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(1) 90.
  • Borda, A., Geleilate, J., Newburry, W., Kundu, S.K. (2017). Firm internationalization, business group diversification and firm performance: The case of Latin American firms. Journal of Business Research, 72(1) 104-113.
  • Herrera-Echeverri, H., Geleilate, J., Gaitan-Riãno, S., Haa, J. (2016). Export behavior and board independence in Colombian family firms: The reverse causality relationship. . Journal of Business Research, 69(6) 2018-1029.
  • Geleilate, J., Magnusson, P., Parente, R.C., Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2016). Home country institutional effects on the multinationality–performance relationship: a comparison between emerging and developed market multinationals. Journal of International Management, 22(4) 380–402.
  • Dunlap, D., Parente, R., Geleilate, J., Marion, T. (2016). Organizing for innovation ambidexterity in emerging markets: Taking advantage of supplier involvement and foreigness . Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 23(2) 175-190.
  • Parente, R.C., Geleilate, J. (2015). Developing new products in the automotive industry: exploring the interplay between process clockspeed and supply chain integration. Industrial and Corporate Change, 3(1) 507–521.
  • Oliveira, M.C., Ponte, V.M., De Luca, Márcia Martins Medes, ., de Oliveira, O.V., Aragão, L.A., Geleilate, J. (2013). Corporate governance practices and conformity to capital market demands in privately traded brazilian companies. BASE-Revista de Administração e Contabilidade da Unisinos, 10(3) 196-209.
  • Geleilate, J., Forte, S. (2012). Motivations and strategies of the three biggest Brazilian banks facing the new global economic configuration. Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão, 11 02-12.

Selected Presentations

  • Strategic Search: Using Knowledge Spillovers from Vertical Partners for Competitive Advantage - Strategic Management Society, October 2023 - Toronto
  • Innovation Drift: An Experiential Learning Perspective - Academy of Management, August 2023 - Boston
  • The Effect of Past Failures on New Product Developments’ Efficiency - Strategic Management Society, September 2022 - London
  • Unraveling Value Capture Strategies from Modular Products: The Case of Automotive Industry. - Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2016
  • Managing Innovation Ambidexterity via Supplier Involvement: The Advantage of Foreignness in the Brazilian Automotive Industry - Academy of Management annual meeting, 2015 - Vancouver, Canada
  • Managing the complexities of internationalization: The role of business group diversification - Academy of Management annual meeting, 2015 - Vancouver, Canada
  • The Role of Country of Origin on the Multinationality Performance Relationship - Academy of International Business annual meeting, 2014 - Vancouver, Canada
  • The Development of Innovation Ambidexterity in an Emerging Economy: A Knowledge-Based Perspective - Academy of Management Proceedings, 2014
  • Addressing the Heterogeneity of Results in Internationalization-Performance Studies on Emerging Markets: A Meta-Analytic Approach - Academy of International Business annual meeting, 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Country Related Factors, Firm Specific Assets and Methodological Issues in the Multinationality-Performance Relationship within Emerging Economies Firms: A Meta-Analysis - Academy of International Business annual meeting – South-East chapter proceedings, 2013
  • Boards of directors and the adoption of novel practices: Integrating network and heterogeneity perspectives - Strategic Management Society annual meeting, 2013 - Atlanta, US
  • Innovation Performance and Organizational Learning in the Global Automotive Industry - Strategic Management Society annual meeting, 2013 - Atlanta, US
  • Globalization Capabilities and Perceived Career Opportunities from Globalization in Latin America - Academy of Management Proceedings, January 2013
  • Attitudes towards womens’s carrer advancement in latin America: the impact of gender role perceptions and global mindsets - Iberoamerican Academy of Management, January 2013 - São Paulo, Brazil
  • Brazilian Banks Internationalization Process: A new perspective - Academy of Management annual meeting, 2012 - Boston, US
  • Analysis of Corporate Board Composition and Diversity in Brazilian Companies - Academy of International Business annual meeting, 2011 - Nagoya, Japan
  • The use of prospective scenarios in the strategic formulation: an application in the Brazilian bank industry - Strategic Management Society annual meeting, 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Internationalization of Brazilian Banks - Academy of International Business annual meeting, 2010 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • 2012 – 2014 – Research Grant (2012), - CNPQ, Brazil
    Geleilate, J.
  • 2010 – 2012 – Research Grant (2010), - CNPQ, Brazil
    Geleilate, J.