Oprah Was Here. What does it take to host one of the most famous people in the world? How UML pulled it off
Joe Albanese speaks into news microphones in a warehouse Image by Eagle Tribune

Masters of Disaster

Alumni led the recovery after last fall's Columbia Gas explosions. Read more

Line illustration on red background - part of a poster designed by German exchange student Elias Awad to communicate the ways in which social pressure impacts one’s mind

Why Are Today's Students So Anxious?

How UML is addressing the nation’s mental health crisis. Read more

Larry Siegel stands in front of a bulletin board covered in $1 bills

Office Hours: Larry Siegel

Peek into one of the most interesting staff offices on campus. Read more

Marion’s Market in Lowell’s Little Canada neighborhood

Documenting the History of Immigration in Lowell

History Prof. Robert Forrant, Asst. Prof. Ingrid Hess of Art & Design and their team of UML students have gathered and curated hundreds of photographs, videos and essays. They are building a unique website designed to make it easier to access a historically significant part of Lowell’s DNA—the arrival of waves of immigrants calling the city their new home. Read more and view gallery

Students pat a baby goat as part of UML's Wellness Center's stress relief events during finals


SAY WHAT?: Alumnus James Callahan ’99, a sociology teacher at Lowell High School, created a Gen Z Dictionary to decode student slang. 

AMAZON IS EVERYWHERE...: UML installed Amazon Lockers on South and East campuses as part of a larger effort to streamline how students get mail.

SCREEN TIME, FROM A GUY WHO KNOWS: Ironically, computer science alumnus Rich Miner ’86, ’89, ’97, the Google Ventures founder and Android co-founder, has a cautious view of technology.

OUT IN FRONT: Nick Troisi, a clinical lab sciences junior, asked presidential candidate Bernie Sanders how he intends to phase out private health insurance companies during a CNN town hall.

ARE GOATS THE NEW G.O.A.T.S?: Before finals week kicked off, the university’s student wellness team staged a baby animal petting zoo as part of Stress Relief Day.


A view from inside of University Crossing of people working at the rooftop vegetable garden outside the second floor landing

Urban Oasis

Of all the places on campus you’d expect to find a garden, the second floor of University Crossing probably isn’t one. Read more

Rajia Abdelaziz holds an invisaWear bracelet. Image by Tory Germann

5 Questions with Rajia Abdelaziz

Rajia Abdelaziz ’16 turned down impressive job offers to continue to grow her life-saving startup, invisaWear. Read more

An image of a hang glider in the 70s juxtaposed with a photo of UML students hiking the Grand Canyon today

Then & Now

From hang gliding to trekking the Grand Canyon: How the Outdoor Adventure Program has evolved. Read more

Alumni Spotlight

Markus Sebastiano stands in a gallery in front of three of his pieces
Markus Sebastiano '03

Markus Sebastiano's art is big, modern and bold, a bridge between past and present.

I learned about Photoshop in my first design class and fell in love with the digital side of things. It’s a huge part of my work now.
Read More About Markus Sebastiano