Screenshot of tweet that shared the Gen Z dictionary

Alumnus James Callahan ’99, a sociology teacher at Lowell High School, really knows how to connect with his students. That’s probably because he understands what they’re saying. 

Callahan created a Gen Z Dictionary to decode student slang, catching the attention of confused older people worldwide after one of his students tweeted screenshots of the dictionary. The tweet received over 300,000 likes and 93,000 retweets within 24 hours.

Gen Z Dictionary

A forceUnnecessarily excessive effort
Bang 30sTo fight someone, as in a physical altercation
Beat your face/cake your faceApply makeup
bopsA modern enjoyable song
boutaI am about to ...
breadfuture money
Catch a fade/catch these handsTo get punched and/or knocked out
Clap backRespond to an insult with an equal or greater insult
clappedA crazy person; someone who was punched
crackieSomeone who juuls/smokes
cross fadeDoubly inebriated
deadassI am serious; Are you serious? may be used as a question or statement of fact
dead dogs/on dogsSee: deadass
don’t do me dirtyDon't cross me
extratoo much
factsI agree with what you just said; a confirming question; may be used as a question or statement of fact
finesseTo steal
finnaI or We are planning something
Flexed onAn verbal gesture of dominance
The gamelife
Gassing/HypingOffering compliments; feeding one’s ego; “I’m trying to be like you.”
Gotta blastI have to leave
hardoA try-hard
High keyVery obvious
hip/get hipAdopt a new trend
Hop offMind your own business
I'm deadThat was amusing
jamsAn old enjoyable song
jawnThing, object, person, place
Low keyNot obvious
Mad mad/Big madVery mad
No cap.I am serious/no lie/for real
nunyaNone of your [business]
On blastExpose/call out someone
oppPlaying the opposite side; snitch; enemy
periodtSee "facts"
Pull up/come thruAn invitation
Put someone onThe act of getting someone on a trend
RashingTo make fun of someone
Real oneValid person- someone you trust
Run that ...To take; to start
Secure(d) the bagMoney received
ShlittyA good time
sisExclamation of disbelief/universal nickname
slapsOf high quality
slayDo really well
smacksA tasty treat
snackA person who looks good
Stay upYou will be ok
susSuspicious; shady
Take the LWillingly making a sacrifice
tea/spill the teagossip
That ain't itUnacceptable- I do not approve
TightExtremely mad
TrynaTrying to
tweakinOverreacting; ecstatic
validOf high quality
We love thatIronic/sarcastic response to something bad
Wig snatchedA term for an impressive or unimpressive act/appearance
witchuWith you
yahurrdAre you aware?
You got jokes/big jokesA sarcastic acknowledgement of an unappreciated joke/insult
yurrr/yerrrAffirmative; call for attention