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Can't find something the library should own? Suggest a Purchase

Can't find something the library should own? Suggest a Purchase

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Library 101 Webinar Replay Available

White male student sits at desk and watches a video on laptop

We hosted our final Library 101 webinar, but the video is available for replay on our YouTube channel.

If you need a quick review of library resources and basic help with citation, you can watch the video any time. If you need personalized support, the librarians are happy to answer your questions via Ask A Librarian or to set up a consultation appointment. Use Ask A Librairan to find the best way to contact us.

World War I Training at Lowell Textile Institute

World War 1 Troops training at the Lowell Textile Institute

In honor of Veterans Day, we found this amazing photo of troops training for World War I outside of Lowell Textile Institute. This is now our North Campus. Can you tell which building this is in front of? What does it look like now?

Check out the Lowell Textile Institute WWI - training image on the Internet Archive so you can see the entire high resolution image. If you look close enough, you can see a man watching this from one of the windows!