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Library Hours: August 16 -September 3

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One Nation, Two Realities by Morgan Marietta

One Nation, Two Realities
Dueling Facts in American Democracy
Oxford University Press 2019

American Society is deeply divided-not just on values and opinions but on basic perceptions of reality. In their latest book, co-authors Morgan Marietta and David Barker attribute such division to the human tendency towards having different versions of reality. The authors introduce the concept of 'dueling fact perceptions' based on years of research.

Morgan Marietta, Associate Professor of Political Science at UML studies the political consequences of belief. His prior books include The Politics of Sacred Rhetoric: Absolutist Appeals and Political Influence and A Citizen's Guide to American Ideology: Conservatism and Liberalism in Contemporary Politics. He and co-author David Barker write the "Inconvenient Facts" blog at Psychology Today.

UMass Lowell Historic Hang Gliding Club photograph

The University of Lowell Hang Gliding Club

The University of Lowell Hang Gliding Club was established in 1974 by faculty member Bill Blood and the late Dr John Kelly. The club was active until the early 1990s. They had events in Claremont, N.H. and Groton, Mass. and won several intercollegiate competition awards. The collection consists of photos, videos and the plans for an experimental hang glider designed by ULowell student and club member Craig Douglas in 1980.

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