Phase I: Planning, Budget Approval, Posting Process

Department & Dean / Director

  • Identifies need for position/posting & discusses requirements/job description internally
  • Replacement/New position
  • Reviews job description with Compensation Director (if new position or changes to existing)
  • Seeks position pre-approval from Executive Cabinet
  • Identify Search Chair

Search Chair

Discuss Recruitment Plan with Search Advisor – Ruby Carnevale

Search Advisor – Ruby Carnevale

  • Reviews Recruitment plan
  • Discusses search strategy, under-utilization information, provides assistance with interview questions
  • Verifies if training is needed for search committee members

Search Partner – Brenda Dumont

  • Contact for Internal postings, Grants & Contracts

Search Chair

  • Enters posting into PageUp/ATS
  • Submits for approval to post

Position posted in ATS

Phase II: Strategy, Interviewing & Selection

Search Advisor & Search Chair (ongoing)

  • Work with search advisor on pool diversity vs. availability.
  • Submits evaluation matrix w/scoring rubric to search advisor for review and approval (For Faculty Searches: Dean approval required before matrix can be used to evaluate candidates)

Search Advisor partners with Diversity Advisor

  • Pool review / development
  • Adds search committee members to PageUp system so they can begin reviewing applications

Search Chair & Search committee review applicant pool / resumes

  • Completes matrix and selects candidates for phone interview – submits to search advisor for review (For Faculty searches: Chair will need Dean & Search Advisor review / approval)
  • Updates applicants status to ‘Selected for Phone / Skype Interview’
  • Submits consolidated or individual telephone evaluation form (one per applicant interviewed) to search advisor for review

Search Advisor partners with Diversity Advisor

Ensures that interviewing pool reflects diversity of applicant pool

Search Chair

  • Select candidates for campus interview, submits evaluation forms to search advisor for review (For Faculty searches: Chair will need Dean & Search advisor review/approval)
  • Updates applicant status to ‘Selected for Campus Interview I’

Search Advisor

Confirm that evaluation forms have been submitted, review diversity of campus interview pool

Search Chair

  • Request to close posting when search is finalized
  • Search Chair submits evaluation forms to search advisor for review and partners with search advisor on final selection
  • Notify final candidate that references will be checked, check references of final candidate(s)
  • Updates status to “Recommend for Hire’ (if position is still posted – request for position to be closed before entering hiring proposal)
  • Offer card will open up in PageUp–enter all fields that apply to hire
  • Maintains appropriate applicant status changes in ATS (interviewed, not interviewed, non-selection statuses)
  • Submits for salary approval

**Note for Faculty Searches: Offer letter from Provost must be signed before entering recommendation for hire in the system

Final salary approved