The KUDOS award program is intended to show immediate appreciation and recognition of individuals or teams for exceptional contributions and customer service inside or outside of their departments.

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The administration of this program is intended to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Employees are encouraged to take a minute to recognize their fellow employees for whatever they believe warrants praise. Any individual may submit a KUDOS nomination to recognize a University employee for their special effort or service to anyone on campus.

Give KUDOS by submitting a KUDOS nomination online.

Each recipient will receive the following:

  • KUDOS Certificate of Appreciation along with a copy of the nomination.
  • All recipients will be entered into a monthly drawing for a chance at prizes.
  • All prizes will have a monetary value of no more than $25 and will be in the form of a gift certificate to a UMass Lowell venue.
  • Recognition on a monthly basis in Today@UMass Lowell.

Some Examples of KUDOS include:

  • A team member handles a challenging situation well and the stakeholder is very satisfied.
  • A team member comes in early or stays late to assist in the completion of a project.
  • Your department faced many changes and a team member has helped others manage the change.
  • A team member takes the initiative to welcome and assist a new employee in your department.
  • A team member promotes cooperation with team members by understanding perspectives brought by all individuals.