The University of Massachusetts Lowell recognizes the collective contributions of every employee to the overall mission and strategic plan of the university. Our Employee Recognition Programs are designed to encourage opportunities for those efforts to be acknowledged on a regular and on-going basis.

We strive to maintain a work environment in which it is clear that we value and appreciate employees for their contributions. One of the strongest themes prominent in the results of the Boston Globe's 100 Best Places to Work Survey, conducted in July 2012, and feedback from employees is a need for more regular "on the spot" and "formal recognition" for a job well done.

By creating and sustaining a culture of recognition, employees become more engaged which leads to an increase in performance, morale, retention, and perhaps most significantly, overall satisfaction. Every day is an opportunity for colleagues, co-workers and managers/supervisors to recognize employees for their service to the university.

Informal and consistent recognition, which can be extended without costs, can serve to energize and revitalize an employee and contributes to creating a more productive, motivated and engaged employee.