Demetrius A. Lamar is a Adjunct Faculty member in the department of Sociology at UMass Lowell.

Demetrius Lamar, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Dugan 205S


Social class and mobility; urban sociology; global sociology; westernization and the history of sociology


Demetrius A. Lamar, Ph.D. is a part-time faculty member at UMass Lowell (UML), working collaboratively with the UML Division of On-line and Continuing Education since 2010. He has taught a range of courses in sociology and specializes in race, class, and westernization. His early academic work was in laboratory science studying rat behavior as a nexus to understanding modern human behavior. In graduate school, he studied social stratification, paying particular attention to mobility ladders that lead to places of influence, power, and prosperity. Today, as a macro sociologist, he spends most of his time researching the cultural institutionalization of war, the primacy of modern-day inventions, the correlates of class, and the evolution of the concept of race and its implications. He is passionate about teaching and strongly believes in the universalization of education.


  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Cultures of the World
  • Urban Sociology

Selected Publications

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  • Lamar, Demetrius A. (editor). 2006. Pieces of My Soul. Charlotte: The Institute Press.
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