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Daniel Egan

Daniel Egan
Daniel Egan, Ph.D. Professor
  • College
    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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    (978) 934-4304
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    Dugan Hall - 205I
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Social theory; social stratification; war and peace; political sociology; globalization

Research Interests

Social theory, social stratification, political sociology, war & peace, and globalization


  • Ph D: Sociology, (1994), Boston College - Boston, MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Relative Autonomy and Local Socialism: The Greater London Council's Local Economic Strategy, 1981-86
  • MA: Sociology, (1988), Boston College - Boston, MA
  • BA: Economics, (1985), Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

Selected Publications

  • Egan, D. (2016). Gramsci’s War of Position as Siege Warfare: Some Lessons From History. Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory, 44(4) 435.
  • Egan, D. (2016). The Dialectic of Position and Maneuver: Understanding Gramsci's Military Metaphor. Leiden: Brill
  • Egan, D. (2015). Insurrection and Gramsci’s “War of Position”. Socialism & Democracy, 29(1) 102.
  • Egan, D. (2014). Rethinking War of Maneuver/War of Position: Gramsci and the Military Metaphor. Critical Sociology (Sage Publications, Ltd.), 40(4) 521 - 538.
  • Egan, D. (2010). Democracy, the State, and Global Capitalism. Kent State University Press
  • Egan, D. (2010). Globalization and the Invasion of Iraq: State Power and the Enforcement of Neoliberalism. Routledge
  • Egan, D. (2007). Frantz Fanon and the Construction of the Colonial Subject: Defining "The Enemy" in the Iraq War. Socialism and Democracy, 21(3) 142-154.
  • Egan, D. (2007). Globalization and the Invasion of Iraq: State Power and the Enforcement of Neoliberalism. Sociological Focus, 40(1) 98-111.
  • Egan, D. (2007). Planning the transition to capitalism: the commission for assistance to a free Cuba. Socialism and democracy, 21(1) 13-32.
  • Egan, D. (2006). Bureaucracy and Radial Politics: The Care of the Greater London Council. New Political Science, 28(3) 377-400.
  • Egan, D. (2006). Rethinking the Zapatistas: Frantz Fanon and Resistance to Neoliberalism. Humanity and Society, 30(1) 67-83.
  • Egan, D. (2004). Who put the "welfare" in "corporate welfare"?: race, gender, and the critique of business subsidies. Journal of Poverty, 8(3) 1-21.
  • Egan, D. (2003). The Underserving Rich': How the News Media Cover 'Corporate Welfare. Humanity and Society, 27(2) 108-124.
  • Egan, D. (2001). The limits of internationalization: a neo-Gramscian analysis of the multilateral agreement on investment. Critical sociology, 27(3) 74-97.
  • Levy, D.L., Egan, D. (1998). Capital contests: National and transnational channels of corporate influence on the climate change negotiations. Politics & Society, 26(3) 337-361.
  • Egan, D. (1998). The Local State, Capital and Opportunities for Local Autonomy: A Reassessment of the Greater London Council's Local Economic Strategy. Research in Political Sociology, 8 165-187.

Research Currently in Progress

  • Capitalism, War and Revolution

    I am currently involved in an extended project examining the different ways in which Marxists have examined the relationship between capitalism, war and revolution.
    Egan, D.