Daniel Egan

Daniel Egan, Ph.D.


College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dugan Hall 2nd floor


Social theory; war and peace; class inequality; political sociology; globalization


  • Ph.D.: Sociology, (1994), Boston College - Boston, Mass.
  • MA: Sociology, (1988), Boston College - Boston, Mass.
  • BA: Economics, (1985), Hamilton College - Clinton, NY


Daniel Egan, Ph.D., has been at UMass Lowell since 1998. His primary research interest addresses the structural forces that define capitalism and the opportunities available to radical social movements to challenge those forces. His research has examined this at a variety of levels (organizational, urban, national, and global) and time periods. He is currently involved in an extended project examining the different ways in which Marxists have examined the relationship between capitalism, war and revolution.

Selected Publications

Egan, D. 2020. "Friedrich Engels and the Strategy of 'Siege Warfare'." International Critical Thought 10(3): 390-405. 

Egan, D. 2019. "Rosa Luxemburg and the Mass Strike: Rethinking Gramsci's Critique." Socialism and Democracy 33(2): 46-66. 

Egan, D. 2017. The Dialectic of Position and Maneuver: Understanding Gramsci's Military Metaphor. Chicago: Haymarket Books. 

Egan, D. 2016. "Gramsci's War of Position as Siege Warfare: Some Lessons From History." Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory 44(4): 435-450. 

Egan, D. 2015. "Insurrection and Gramsci's 'War of Position'." Socialism & Democracy 29(1): 102-124.