The doctoral degree in applied psychology & prevention science at UMass Lowell is a psychology-based, research-oriented degree. The program is designed to provide a theoretically grounded and methodologically sophisticated education, and will train students and working professionals in the application of psychological knowledge for improving overall health and wellness at multiple levels, including health promotion and disease prevention. The curriculum of the APPS Ph.D. program is geared toward gaining new knowledge and skills through study, research, and experiential learning opportunities and to meeting the needs of public and private sectors that may serve as potential employers for the program’s graduates.

Knowledge Competencies

  • An understanding of the key concepts, theories and methodology in the field of applied psychology and prevention science;
  • Ability to assess the costs and benefits of intervention programs designed to prevent problematic behavior, promote health behaviors, and maximize individual and organizational potential and well-being.
  • An understanding of and ability to work well with and empower diverse, underrepresented groups in real-world settings;
  • A thorough grounding in the ethical conduct of research and practice in real-world settings.

Skill Set

  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct psychological research on major issues related to promoting healthy outcomes, preventing problematic behaviors and/or intervening to diminish existing problems;
  • Assess the effectiveness of organizations and programs;
  • Analyze social problems and design appropriate interventions;
  • Develop the ability to carry out systemic interventions on multiple levels.