"As an Alumnus of the Political Science department at the university, it is a pleasure to see the program and its students enjoying such success." 
-Marty Meehan '78, UMass President, former UMass Lowell Chancellor and U.S. Congressman

"It was the type of personal hands-on treatment that made my education at Lowell so special and led me to chose my current career path." 
-Roger Cressey '87, U.S. Department of State

"In the Poli Sci Department, I was able to take amazing courses. Having such involved professors was a huge help in preparing for graduate school." 
-Tinuviel Lathrop '11, Sié Fellow, Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

"I discovered a thought process that has carried me through graduate school and my professional career." 
-Bernard F. Lynch '78, Lowell City Manager

"Excellent teaching staff enriched my appreciation of life and the world."
-Kazuyuki Uji '93, Fullbright Fellow, Yale Graduate School of Public Health

"When I got to Princeton I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was just as prepared as anyone...graduated Magna Cum Laude." 
-David Whitford '89, B.A. Lowell, M.A. Princeton, Ph.D. Boston University

"The Political Science Department at UMass Lowell provided very sound, broad-based education, which was very helpful to success in graduate school." 
-Ralphier Pellegrino '88, J.D., Sulfolk Law School; Associate Professor, Westfield State College

"UMass Lowell provided me with a solid foundation for graduate study in International Relations." 
-Todd Masse '88, Presidential Management Intern, U.S. Justice Department, Class of '88