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Financial Resources


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers several different types of grants to graduate students to assist their professional development and research. Professional Development Awards (PDA) are for conferences, seminars and workshop attendance. To be eligible for a PDA applicants MUST submit completed, signed Travel Authorization and Liability waiver forms to the GSA advisor PRIOR to travel. 

Graduate Research Grant Award (GRGA) are to support the research efforts of graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The intent is to further promote students’ research endeavors rather than support faculty research.

The GRGA Committee will determine the merit of each application on an individual basis. The GSA will fund, in whole or in part, applications that the GRGA committee determines to be meritorious. It is also understood that this award represents a supplement of the applicants other resources of funding (e.g. other grants, department funds, personal funds, etc.).

Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants

  • Paul E Tsongas Memorial & GSA Scholarship Application  
  • Rotary International Fellowship
    Rotary International is one of the leading providers of scholarships for students who are uniquely interested in humanitarian aid or peace programs. The Rotary World Peace Fellows program gives outstanding graduate students the opportunity to study with worldwide leaders in peace and conflict and choose from a handful of the finest international universities around the globe. The fellowship can be used to either pursue a Master’s degree or a professional development certificate in aid or peace studies. Rotary Peace Fellows study and work in the areas of greatest worldwide need for the both simple and complex resources such as food, medical supplies and hope. Students must apply through their local chapter of the Rotary club, which can be located on their website. 
  • United States Institute of Peace
    The United States Institute of Peace is an organization established by the United States government as a herald of our pursuit of a cohesive and just social world. USIP is put to the task of acting as a resource and collaborative environment in which international leaders and scholars may come together to join efforts to help resolve conflict between nations and peoples. Fellowships offered by USIP include:
    • The Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program funds the research efforts of graduate students, post-graduate scholars and political and social movers and shakers who wish to study at the institute. These fellowships generally last about ten months, but shorter options are also available.
    • The Peace Scholar Dissertation Program funds the research of outstanding doctoral candidates whose dissertation takes them into USIP territory. Ten of these awards are given out every year, particularly toward students who are writing on international peace, conflict, and security.
  • Peace and Collaborative Development Network
    This resource is not only valuable in terms of networking in the peace and conflict arena, but provides access to dozens of scholarships and fellowships specifically targeted towards students of this study. The website’s forums on Fellowships and Research contain running lists of new opportunities. Additionally, the network maintains a overview of many other peace and conflict related organizations which you may contact to explore further aid awards. The Peace and Collaborative Development Network also provides advice to students on writing successful scholarship and fellowship applications in their specific field of interest, making it a great overall resource for students who are just getting started.