Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson, M.F.A.

Senior Adjunct Instructor

Fine Arts Humanities & Social Sciences
O'Leary Library, 4th Floor


Creative Writing, Writing, Short Fiction

Research Interests

20th Century and Contemporary Fiction, Short Fiction, Film


M.F.A.: Creative Writing, Fiction, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
B.A.: English and Art History, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

Selected Publications

Short Fiction

  •  “A Naked Horse.” The Kenyon Review, Jan/Feb 2022
  • “A Banal Story.” The Literary Review, Summer 2017
  • “O Luxury.” The Texas Review, Spring/Summer 2017
  • “Who Would Be the Man, Who Would Be the King?” Cosmonauts Avenue, April 2015
  • “The Real Right Great Good.” Spolia, February 2015
  • “Seven Greyhounds.” The Cupboard, single-issue chapbook, June 2013
  • “Three Greyhounds.” Gulf Coast, Volume 25, Number 1/ Winter/Spring 2013
  • “Leave.” New England Review, Volume 30, Number 4/ 2009–2010
  • “Edson to 1958.” Swink, August 2009
  • “The Last Dead.” Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2008
  • “Delta Interval.” Harper’s, June 2004
  • “Delta Interval.” StoryQuarterly, Fall 2003
Short Nonfiction
  •  “Liquid Repetition: On the Experience of Reading Marguerite Young’s Miss Macintosh, My Darling” Literary Hub, November 2023
  •  “Everything Dies Baby, That’s a Fact: On the Elusive Train Dreams of Claire Denis and Mike Brodie” Literary Hub, September 2022
  • “How to Fit Balzac’s Magnificent Universe onto the Big Screen?” Literary Hub, June 2022
  •  “This Wild and Crazy Summer, Give in to the Chaos of Balzac.” Literary Hub, April 2021
  •  “White Light: An Anecdote to Be Tipped into a Book.” Agni Online, May 2020
  •  “Jenny Offill: The Doomy Bits.” Guernica, March 2020
  •  “Review of C.D. Wright’s Casting Deep Shade.” Northern Woodlands, Winter 2019
  •  “Reality is Not Conventional: An Interview with Deborah Eisenberg.” Literary Hub, September 2018
  •  “The Generic Spectacular: An Interview with Jim Shepard.” The Los Angeles Review of Books, January 2018
  •  “Reading Henry Dumas After Trayvon Martin.” Literary Hub, November 2015
  •  “The Ephemeral Real: Six Short Essays on Film.” The Los Angeles Review of Books, August to October 2014
  •  “When Bad Reviewers Go Good.” The Paris Review Daily, November 2012
  •  “Ten Tangents for Satantango.” The Collagist, August 2012
  •  “Your Eyes Deceive You: Claire Beckett at the Wadsworth Atheneum.” The Paris Review Daily, August 2012
  •  “O. Henry’s Afterlife: Thoughts and Ephemera.” The Rumpus, June 2010
  •  “The Rumpus Interview with Brad Watson.” The Rumpus, March 2010
  •  “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lindisfarne.” Agni Online, August 2009
  •  “An Interview with Lydia Davis.” Meridian, May 2008