Joshua Long

Joshua Shane Long, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Health and Social Sciences Building, Room 467


Risk Assessment, Prison Classification, Correctional Officer Training, Restrictive Housing, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Research Interests

Prison Classification, Prison Violence, Restrictive Housing, Reentry Programming, Risk Assessment, Psychopathy, Sentencing, Vigilantism


  • Ph.D.: Criminal Justice, (2020), University of Cincinnati
  • Graduate Certificate: Applied Behavioral Analysis, (2015), University of Cincinnati
  • MS: Criminal Justice: (2014), University of Cincinnati
  • BS: Criminal Justice: (2011), University of Cincinnati

Selected Publications

Long, J. & Vukovich, J. (2024). Avenging Child Sex Abuse: The Retributive Motives for Vigilante Violence in Prison and the Community. Routledge.

Pattavina, A.F., Long, J. S., Petrich, D. M., Byrne, J., Cullen, F. T., & Taxman, F. S. (2023). Revisiting the effectiveness of HOPE/swift-certain-fair supervision programs: A meta-analytic review. Criminology & Public Policy, Forthcoming.

Logan, M. W., Long, J. S. & DeLisi, M. A. (2023). Serious, violent, and chronic prison misconduct: Are the predictors the same for women and men? The Prison Journal. Forthcoming.

Logan, M. W., Morgan, M. A., Long, J. S., Hazelwood, A., & Bacigalupo, J.* (2022). More similar than different? Examining prison infractions and recidivism among female and male white-collar offenders. Journal of Criminal Justice, Forthcoming.

Long, J. S. (2022). Targeted violence in correctional facilities: The complex motivations of prisoners who kill child sex abusers. Journal of Criminal Justice, 82, 101980.

Long, J. S., Logan, M. W., & Morgan, M. A. (2021). Are white-collar prisoners special? Prison adaptation and the special sensitivity hypothesis. Journal of Criminal Justice, 77, 101863.

Long, J. S., Sullivan, C., Wooldredge, J., Pompoco, A., & Lugo, M. (2018). Matching needs to services: Prison treatment program allocations, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 46(5), 674-696. 

Long., J. & Sullivan, C. S. (2017). Learning more from evaluation of justice interventions: Further consideration of theoretical mechanisms in juvenile drug courts, Crime and Delinquency, 63(9), 1091-1115. 

Latessa, E. J., Lux, J. L., Lugo, M. & Long, J. (2016). Examining the Validity and Reliability of the Ohio Risk Assessment System: Final Report. Technical Report. University of Cincinnati.

Research Currently in Progress

Evaluation of in-prison educational programs (The Educational Justice Initiative at M.I.T.); A study of prison homicides in the 20th and 21st centuries; Biographical studies of individuals serving life sentences; Biographical studies of correctional leaders