Adam Lerner wearing a blue button up shirt and smiling at the camera.

Adam B. Lerner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Director of the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program

Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Political Science


International Relations; International Political Theory; International Ethics

Research Interests

My research sits at the intersection of International Relations and Political Theory. I am primarily interested in the legacy of historical injustices in international politics, as well as varied approaches to global reconciliation, repair, and redress.


  • Ph.D.: Politics and International Studies, (2020), University of Cambridge
  • M.Phil.: Modern South Asian Studies, (2016), University of Cambridge
  • B.A: English, (2009), Cornell University


I was born in Washington, DC, and have lived in five countries. I previously worked as a journalist in Delhi, India, and Washington, DC, before completing my MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge in the UK. In my free time, I enjoy running, basketball, guitar, and stand-up comedy.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Edgar S. Furniss Award for best first book from the Mershon Center at Ohio State University, 2023 
  • Peter Katzenstein Prize from Cornell University for best first book in IR, comparative politics, and IPE, 2023 
  • APSA Ideas, Knowledge, and Politics best book award, 2023 
  • Hedley Bull Prize, 2023 (honourable mention) 
  • Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, 2023-present 
  • ISA International Ethics Section Book Award, 2023 
  • ISA Theory Section Book Award, 2023 (honorable mention) 
  • ISA Online Media Caucus Award for Best Blog Post by a Junior Scholar, 2022 
  • Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom (FHEA), 2021-present 
  • College Excellence Teaching Commendation, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2021 
  • American Political Science Association (APSA) Public Scholar, 2019-2020 
  • Emanuel Miller Prize for Philosophy of Social Science, University of Cambridge, 2018 
  • Northedge Prize, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 2018 
  • Cambridge International Trust Scholarship (£93,591), 2016-2020 
  • St. John’s College Scholarship, 2016-2020 
  • Henry Luce Scholar, 2013-2014

Selected Publications

  1. Lerner, Adam B.Global Injustice and the Production of Ontological Insecurity.” European Journal of International Relations, online first. 
  2. Lerner, Adam B. From the Ashes of History: Collective Trauma and the Making of International Politics (Oxford University Press, March 2022) ISBN 13: 9780197623596
  3. Lerner, Adam B. and O’Loughlin, Ben. “Strategic Ontologies and Meso-Level Theoretical Innovation in International Politics” International Studies Quarterly, 67, no. 3: 1-13.
  4. Lerner, Adam B.Harnessing Intuition and Disciplining Abstraction: Thought Experiments in International Relations” International Studies Quarterly, 67, no. 1: 1-10. 
  5. Lerner, Adam B.Pathological Nationalism? The Legacy of Crowd Psychology in International Theory.” International Affairs, 38, no. 3 (2022): 995-1012.
  6. Lerner, Adam B.Blurring the Boundaries of War: PTSD in American Foreign Policy Discourse.” Perspectives on Politics, December 22, 2020: 1–18.
  7. Lerner, Adam B.Theorizing Unpredictability in International Politics: A New Approach to Trump and the Trump Doctrine.” Cambridge Review of International Affairs 34, no. 3 (May 4, 2021): 360–82.
  8. Lerner, Adam B.What’s It like to Be a State? An Argument for State Consciousness.” International Theory 13, no. 2 (July 2021): 260–86.
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