Arie Perliger is an authority on political violence and extremism, security policy, politics in the Middle East and far-right political movements in U.S., Europe and Israel. His research includes analyzing how terrorism networks operate, how extremists recruit members to their ranks, the political and social climate in which far-right ideologies take hold and the factors behind politically motivated assassinations. 
Perliger teaches in UMass Lowell’s School of Criminology and Justice Studies, where he directs the security studies graduate program. He is also a faculty member in the university’s Center for Terrorism and Security Studies, which conducts research and provides education and training to understand and respond to the evolution and complexity of domestic and foreign security challenges.
Beyond campus, Perliger is the editor of the academic journal Democracy and Security, serves on the editorial board of the journal Studies in Conflict and Terrorism and reviews submitted works for a number of other academic publications. 
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