• Andrew Harris
    Criminal Justice and Criminology

    Andrew Harris is a national expert on the subjects of teen "sexting" behavior and sex-offender registry laws and policy.

  • Doreen Arcus

    Doreen Arcus is an expert on relationships and families.

  • Mathew Barlow
    Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Initiative, Wind Energy Research Group

    Mathew Barlow is an expert on Climate change and extreme weather

  • Karen Devereaux Melillo
    Geriatric Nursing, Caring for Aging Family Members, Solomont School of Nursing Interim Dean and Professor

    Karen Devereaux Melillo is an expert on Geriatric nursing, caring for aging family members

  • Monica Galizzi
    Labor economics, Economics of disabilities, Econometrics, Professor of Economics

    Monica Galizzi is an expert on Labor economics, Economics of disabilities, Econometrics Professor of Economics.

  • Robert  Giles
    Physics, high resolution imaging technologies and humanitarian work in Haiti

    Professor of physics and director of the Biomedical Terahertz Technology Center and the Haiti Development Studies Center

  • Beth Humberd
    Gender and diversity in the workplace, Workplace relational dynamics, Changing nature of work, Assistant professor of management

    Beth Humberd is an expert on gender and diversity in the workplace, workplace relational dynamics, and changing nature of work

  • James Forest
    Terrorism and Security Studies

    James Forest is an internationally respected expert on terrorism and security issues.

  • James H.  Nehring

    James Nehring is an authority on education and a thought leader in the debate over standardized testing.

  • Joel A. Tickner
    Environmental Health

    Joel A. Tickner is a pioneer in safer alternatives to chemicals and the risks posed by them in everyday life.

  • Joshua Dyck
    Co-director, Center for Public Opinion

    Joshua Dyck is an expert in political and public-opinion polling, elections and campaigns, and national and state politics.

  • Julie Chen
    Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development

    Julie Chen is one of the nation’s leading experts on nanotechnology and innovations in materials processing and manufacturing.

  • Juliette Rooney-Varga
    Biological Sciences, Climate Change Initiative

    Juliette Rooney-Varga is an expert on climate change and sustainability.

  • Katherine Tucker
    Nutritional Sciences, Chronic Diseases, Health Disparities

    Katherine Tucker is a national expert on nutrition and the science behind it.

  • Joey Mead
    Plastics engineering, Rubber technology, Nanomanufacturing and flexible electronics professor of plastics engineering

    Plastics engineering, Rubber technology, Nanomanufacturing and flexible electronics professor of plastics engineering

  • Kimberly Merriman
    Management and Organizational Behavior

    Business and Management Expert

  • Michael E. Jones
    Entertainment and Sports Law

    Michael E. Jones’ passion for sports and legal issues spans more than 30 years. A former judge, he is also an author, triathlete and artist.

  • William Moylan
    Sound recording technology, Beatles music and recorded popular music expert

    William Moylan is an expert on sound recording technology, Beatles music and recorded popular music

  • Neil Shortland
    Terrorist Behavior, Security and Military Operations, Assistant professor, School of Criminology and Justice Studies

    Neil Shortland is an expert on terrorist behavior and the socio-psychological side of military operations.

  • Arie Perliger
    Criminology & Justice Studies, Center for Terrorism & Security Studies

    Arie Perliger is an expert on Political Extremism and Violence, U.S. Security policy

  • Rocio Rosales
    Autism research and education, special needs populations, Associate Professor of Psychology

    Rocio Rosales is an expert on Autism research and education, special needs populations

  • Scott Latham
    Business strategy, Associate professor of strategic management

    Scott Latham is an authority on business management and organizational turnaround.

  • Christoph Strobel
    History’s influence on the present, Professor of American and world history

    Christoph Strobel is an expert on History’s influence on the present

  • Wael Kamal
    Associate teaching professor of digital media Director, Digital Media Program

    Wael Kamal is an authority on digital media and journalism and founding director of UMass Lowell’s Digital Media Program.

  • Alan Williams
    Music Department

    Music Department chairman and coordinator of Music Business Program

  • Xinwen Fu
    Digital Forensics and Internet Security

    Xinwen Fu is an international expert on Internet security and is spearheading efforts to protect our national cyber infrastructure.