Interviews are available live in person and by phone.

Looking for expert sources who can deliver instant analysis on breaking news? UMass Lowell’s faculty and researchers have you covered. Experts are available to all members of the media in person or by phone. For TV, UMass Lowell offers live interviews directly from campus, making it easier for media organizations to enhance coverage with authorities on the issues of the day.

UMass Lowell has a large faculty comprised of world-class experts who can comment on news trends including terrorism, politics, elections, and family life and parenting as well as issues related to crime, health care, the economy, popular culture, toxic substances in everyday life and scientific innovation such as nanotechnology, plastics and more.

To book a UMass Lowell expert, contact Emily Gowdey-Backus by phone: 978-934-3369 or email: or Nancy Cicco by phone: 978-934-4944, or email:

  • Beth Humberd
    Gender and diversity in the workplace, Workplace relational dynamics, Changing nature of work

    Beth Humberd is an expert on gender and diversity in the workplace, workplace relational dynamics, and changing nature of work

  • Supriya Chakrabarti
    Space exploration and astrophysics expert

    Space exploration and astrophysics expert

  • Joshua Dyck
    Director, Center for Public Opinion

    Joshua Dyck is an expert in political and public-opinion polling, elections and campaigns, and national and state politics.

  • Alan Williams
    Music industry, songwriting, production

    Music Department chairman and coordinator of Music Business Program