Xinwen Fu is an international expert on Internet security and forensics and is spearheading efforts to help protect the United States’ national cyber infrastructure. He not only has invented technology to prevent cyber-related crime, he is a leader in digital-forensics education and research supported by the National Science Foundation. 

His team’s research into how Google Glass can be used to track passwords and steal other personal information from tablet and other mobile technology users has been featured on CNN and in major news and technology publications. 

Fu and his fellow researchers are also testing technology used to run the “G-Searcher,” an indoor surveillance robot designed to help policing efforts in locating hackers and potential terrorists hiding in buildings. 

The co-director of UMass Lowell’s Center for Internet Security and Forensic Education (iSAFER), Fu is an associate professor of computer science. iSAFER advances the knowledge and practice of information assurance and digital forensics through research, education and outreach. 

Network security and privacy, system reliability and networking quality of service (QoS) are also among his areas of expertise and research. His research has appeared in many academic journals and he has presented at major international conferences around the world. 

Fu earned a bachelor of science degree at Xi’an Jiaotong University, a master of science degree at the Graduate School of University of Science and Technology of China and a Ph.D. at Texas A&M University.

In the Media

  • Xinwen Fu soundbite filmed in UMass Lowell studio.