Members of the RAMP program around a table

RAMP (Research, Academics and Mentoring Pathways to Success) prepares new female students and students of color for leadership in education, research and the workforce.

A 6-week summer bridge program that provides:

  • Academics: Students complete four to six degree credits of math and engineering courses
  • Research Opportunities: Participants engage in an interdisciplinary design project
  • Networking: Students engage with leaders in industry, learning teamwork, leadership and communication skills
Students at round tables in conference setup


  • A cohort of 35 to 40 new engineering students
  • Faculty from Engineering, Social Sciences & Education
  • Undergraduate student mentors
  • A diverse group of industry leaders and practitioners

Your donation of $5,000 per student pays for:

  • Academic credits
  • Stipends for student mentors
  • Materials and supplies for design projects
  • Students to fully commit to RAMP without the need to work part-time

Sponsor a RAMP Student.

Student Testimonials about RAMP

Two young women work on a project
“It's interesting to see that we all have similar goals and have the drive to do similar things in life.”
Mentor points out something to two young women working on project
“I really like the sense of community that RAMP has. I feel comfortable and confident talking with my peers and RAMP faculty about academic concerns or general topics.”
Two young women work on wiring project
“I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with and get to know a specific group of people in RAMP.”
RAMP microscope
RAMP study
RAMP lab
Panel of women answer questions


  • Since 2018, RAMP has graduated 56 students: 49 females, 7 males, 18 students of color
  • Fifty-four of 56 RAMP graduates are thriving in engineering, conducting research, serving in the community and working in intern and co-op positions 
  • RAMP students serve in leadership roles in student clubs and professional organizations and facilitate student focus groups 
  • The RAMP community is strong and serves to support each other and other students academically and socially