Recyclable Materials are defined as wastes with recycling potential or unneeded materials and products which may be of use to others. Examples include:

  • Computer printout paper
  • White office paper
  • White envelopes
  • Unused chemicals and related products
  • Laboratory glass

Packaging Guidelines

If DiscardingThen
Recyclable waste paperPlace recyclable paper in designated recycling bin. There is no need to sort out paper by color.
Unwanted chemicals
  1. Verify that the chemical is uncontaminated and of specified quality.
  2. Verify that sufficient material remains to be of use to someone else.
  3. Tape a note to the container lid indicating a "Reuse."
Steel containers
  1. Ensure that all liquid has been removed.
  2. If steel drum contains a hazardous material call EEM for instructions.
  3. Loosely install bungs.
  4. Place drum on loading dock or outside building.

Disposal Information

  • Paper pickup at your building
    Call ext. 4-6666
  • Pickup of unwanted chemicals
    Call ext. 4-2618 or Shah-115
  • Removal of steel containers
    Call ext. 4-2543 or Olney OLG3