The safe handling, storage and proper disposal of any mercury containing light bulbs is an important safety consideration for all persons who service these style lighting fixtures.

The University must collect all fluorescent tubes and mercury containing bulbs and properly dispose of these units at an approved mercury reclamation recycling facility. To assure that the University collects all fluorescent lights and mercury vapor bulbs on campus we have identified specific locations that the bulbs will need to be brought for accumulation, prior to EEM collection and disposal.

CampusLocationContact Person
NorthOlney Building Hazardous-Material Receiving Stockroom #OLG8 (Room that abuts the Olney Building receiving dock)John Freeman Phone: 978-934-2543
Bill Swett Phone: 978-934-2614

Engineering Building 1st floor Trash RoomJohn Freeman Phone: 978-934-2543
SouthO'Leary Library Basement Receiving Stockroom (Room that abuts the O'Leary Building Receiving Dock)John Freeman Phone: 978-934-2543
Bill Swett Phone: 978-934-2614

Sheehy Hall Basement Trash RoomJohn Freeman Phone: 978-934-2543
WestRead Building Basement Storage RoomEd Lunderville Phone: 978-934-2685
EastDonahue Mechanical Room (Adjacent east side exit door)Brian Aubin,
Arthur Constantine Phone: 978-453-1725

How to safely collect, transport and dispose of light bulbs:

  • Always wear safety glasses when handling lights (bulbs are pressurized and can cause serious bodily injury when dropped or accidentally broken).
  • Place burnt bulb(s) in the cardboard container that the new bulb has been taken.
  • Bring burnt bulb(s) to above listed central collection room, for EEM pick-up and disposal.

If a fluorescent or mercury vapor bulb is accidentally broken, contact the EEM Office at 978-934-2618 for response and or information. The broken light must be placed in a sealed container (with fragments) and placed in the central collection room. The date of when the bulb was picked-up must be marked on the container.