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Bias Incident Reporting Procedures

Procedures of Reporting a Bias Incident or Hate Crime

For immediate assistance or for an emergency please contact the UMLPD at x4-4911 from an on-campus phone, or 978-934-4911 from off-campus or from a cell phone.

University employees, students, vendors and visitors, who perceive that they have experienced a bias incident or hate crime, as well as those who witness one, are urged to report the incident immediately by calling UMLPD. In addition a report can be filed by one of the following means:

Report Electronically

File in Person at University Offices including:

  • UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD) – University Crossing
  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Outreach (EOO) – Wannalancit 
  • Office of Residence Life – University Crossing
  • Office of Student Conduct – University Crossing
  • Dean’s Office/Division of Student Affairs – University Crossing

Report to a University Bias Incident Response Team member

Persons reporting an incident may self-identify or remain anonymous by calling the Student Affairs’ Office at 978-934-2100 or by completing the electronic form. Anonymous reporting, however, will impact the university’s ability to respond or pursue appropriate action against the alleged accused.

Reports will ask for information and knowledge of the incident including:

  • A detailed account of the incident, including date, time and location if available;
  • Specific content of the words, gestures, or other behavior;
  • The name of the alleged accused, if known to you, and/or a detailed description;
  • Names of all witnesses and their contact information;
  • Any relevant documentation (i.e. emails, letters, texts, notes, pictures, screen shots). Call UMLPD to take photographs of visual evidence;
  • Any other pertinent information that will assist the University in its response.

For additional information about the team, or if you have questions, please contact one of the members of the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT).