Creating a New Proposal in Curriculog

Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing Proposals tab with list of proposals and location of New Proposal button.

Please read the "Start Here" help guide for instructions on basic navigation of your Curriculog home screen before attempting to submit a new proposal.

Begin by clicking the "New Proposal" button on your home screen.

Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing All Processes tab with list of available proposal types and location of the check mark button used to select a new proposal type.

This will open a list of available forms/processes. These are the equivalent of the familiar forms for various curricular actions. Click on the check mark to the right of the proposal type you want to make. You can also click on the title of the proposal to view the general approval process for that proposal type, or the preview icon (square with a diagonal arrow) to preview the form.

Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing Proposals tab with a sample proposal form open. Image highlights the “Read before you begin” instructions, attachment tool, and “Walk Me Through” tool.

The "Approval Steps" on the right side will update to direct the proposal to the correct approvers as you make choices in the form, you do not need to enter anything there. You can use the X above the toolbar to close that right window and make the proposal form easier to see.

Please Read All Directions Carefully

Before beginning to complete the form, read all directions. A few key features are highlighted below, including the paper clip icon on the toolbar at the right of the window, which you can use to attach any required or optional documents called for in the form. 

Help text appears at various steps to ensure you are filling the form out correctly, and, at the bottom right, you will find the “Walk Me Through” tool, which will give you step-by-step guidance for filling in the form, should you need help.

Curriculog will ask you for the same information as our previous forms, plus a few more things to help direct the proposal to the correct approvers.

Once you have completed all required fields, there are a few final steps to take, which are noted at the bottom of the proposal form. You must save your changes, then validate and launch your proposal.

Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing the bottom of a sample proposal form. Image highlights final submission steps, including buttons for “Save All Changes” and “Validate and Launch Proposal.”

Final Steps to Move Your Proposal Along for Approval


  1. Click to save your changes. Make any final edits you wish; after launching the proposal, you will not be able to edit it or attach files (including the syllabus).
  2. Click to validate and launch your proposal.
  3. Approve your proposal as the Originator: Click on the check mark in the toolbox at the right, and approve the proposal.
Screenshot of Curriculog interface showing the expanded proposal toolbar. Image highlights the check button the originator uses to approve their own proposal.

Once you have clicked to validate and launch your proposal, you will get additional options in your proposal toolbar, and a message that the proposal has moved on and is ready for your approval as the initiator. Click on the check mark to approve your proposal. If you do not approve your own proposal, it will not go to the next level for signature.

You may return to Curriculog at any time to view the progress of your proposal through the required approval steps.

Additional Curriculog Tutorials are located on the Curriculog Help webpage.

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