Hosted by the Biomanufacturing Science and Technology Consortium (BSTC), Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center (MBMC) and UMass Lowell.

Biomanufacturing Summit Details

Important Dates: Please mark your calendars. We look forward to meeting you at the summit.

  • May 22-23, 2017: Summit on “Beyond mAbs”
  • May 24-26, 2017: Training on Advanced Industrial Bioprocessing

Location: UMass Club, 1 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

Theme: Beyond Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Session 1: Cell therapeutic Dev. and Manufacturing – Advances and Challenges
  • Session 2: Regulatory Sciences, Standardization and Workforce Development
  • Session 3: Protein therapeutics Dev. and Manufacturing – Advances and Challenges
  • Session 4: Gene therapeutics Dev. and Manufacturing – Advances and Challenges

In addition, the following area of interest will be discussed:

  • Emerging Technology and New Therapeutics
  • Regulatory Sciences and Standardization
  • Industry Practices and New Trends in PAT, QbD, Quality Metrics, and Process Validation
  • Integrated Continuous Manufacturing
  • Systems, Synthetic Biology in Biomanufacturing

Plenary Speakers

  • Morrey Atkinson, Ph.D., VP of Biologics Development, BMS
  • Lucinda Buhse, Ph.D., Director of OTR, OPQ / CDER / FDA

Session Speakers

  • Julie Murrell, Head, Cell Therapy Bioprocessing, MilliporeSigma
  • Caroline Dugopolski, VP, Technical Operations, Histogenics
  • Karen Nichols, Chief Regulatory Officer, ISCT
  • Yu-Kyeong Hwang, R&D Head, Green Cross LabCell
  • Kelvin Lee, Professor, NIIMBL Director, University of Delaware
  • Sean Bermingham, VP, Life Sciences and Prinipal Consultant, PSE Enterprise Inc.
  • Mark Bruso, Manager, Labor Market Reearch, Massbio
  • Tom Bollenback, Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute
  • Cyrus Agarabi, Regulatory Research Officer, OBP / FDA/ CDER/DBR II
  • Armin Opitz, Sr. Process Engineer, Sanofi
  • Palani Palaniappan, Head, Biologics & New Modalities Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences,Takeda
  • Joseph Shiloach, Director, Biotechnology Core Laboratory, NIDDK / NIH
  • Roger Hart, Scientific Director, Drug Substance Process Development, Amgen
  • Dr. Mark Klempner, Executive Vice-Chancellor, MassBiologics & Professor,UMass Medical School
  • Ying Jing, Sr. Director of Cell-line and Cell Culture, Dimensiontx
  • Paul Fleming, Sr. Project Manager, Lonza Biologics
  • Michael McCaman, VP, Process Sciences, Intellia Therapeutics
  • David Dismuke, Director, Vector Production, Voyager Therapeutics, Inc 

Summit Chair:

• Jack Prior, Sr. Director, Global MS&T, Sanofi (Chair)
• John Pieracci, Director, Technology Development, Biogen (co-chair)

Session Chair:

• Alan Gilbert, Ph.D., Cell-Culture Development, Biogen
• Cyrus Agarabi, Ph.D./MBA/PharmD, FDA/CDER/OBP
• Jack Prior, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Global MS&T, Sanofi
• Meisam Bakhshayeshi, Manager, Technical Development, Biogen

Summit Scientific and Organizing Committee:

• Seongkyu Yoon, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Carl Lawton, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Jin Xu, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Hyunmin Yi, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University
• Sadettin Ozturk, Ph.D., Mass Biologics, Head of Development and Analytical Technology
• Rajesh Beri, Head, Mammalian Manufacturing R&D, Lonza Biologics, Portmouth, NH
• Thomas Ryll, VP, Immunogen
• Jack Prior, Sr. Director, Global MS&T, Sanofi
• Tom Porter, Sr. Director of Analytical Research & Development, Global Biologics, Pfizer
• John Ruesch, Dr. Director of Technology Development, Biogen
• Anurag Khetan, Site Director, BMS
• Rashmi Kshirsagar, Director, Technology Development, Biogen
• Dongming Xie, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Michael S. Tith, Director of Advancement, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Arlene R. Parquette, Director of Innovation Institute, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Organizing Staff:

• Prokash Paul, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Ketki Behere, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Sha Sha, University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Hemlata Bhatia, University of Massachusetts Lowell