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Withdrawal from Courses

Withdrawal from Courses

W and X are administrative symbols which indicate that a student has been authorized to withdraw from courses, or from the university. These symbols, which are entered upon the student’s permanent record without prejudice, may be authorized only in accordance with established policies of the university. The grade of W signifies voluntary withdrawal from a course. It is initiated by the student and can only be applied prior to the deadline-to-withdraw indicated in the academic calendar, specified on the academic calendar. The grade of X signifies an administrative withdrawal from class. The grade of X is applied by the administration in circumstances where profound impact to academic performance due to a personal or immediate-family medical event, disability, death, or active military service is documented sufficiently. Disciplinary action may also result in administrative withdrawal from classes.

Voluntary Course Withdrawal before the deadline-to-withdraw indicated on the Academic Calendar

Students who desire to withdraw from courses with notations of W prior to the deadline-to-withdraw specified on the academic calendar may withdraw through SIS self-service. Students who do not complete the process of withdrawal before the approved deadline will not be assigned course notations of W, will be subject to all instructor course requirements, and will receive final course grades assigned by the course instructors.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from all courses are withdrawn from the university. 

Note that withdrawal from a course or courses may have implications for degree progress, veteran’s benefits, health insurance, financial aid, and immigration status. Students are advised to consult their academic adviser as well as officials in appropriate offices prior to withdrawing from any course. 

Administrative Course Withdrawal

Course withdrawal, with an assigned course notation of X, after the deadline-to-withdraw specified on the academic calendar for reason of a documented extended illness or critical personal emergency may be allowed and ordinarily requires withdrawal from the University, but partial withdrawal may be authorized if circumstances are warranted.

  1. In order to apply for medical withdrawal the Request for Medical Withdrawal form with accompanying documentation from a licensed health service professional, must be submitted to the Office of Health Services. Health information is covered by HIPAA laws and medical information received by Health Services is strictly private and confidential. In consultation with the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Health Services submits recommendations to the Provost’s Office for final review and approval. 
  2. Administrative withdrawal for non-medical reasons is initiated through an academic petition to the Office of the Provost with appropriate, verifiable documentation that corroborates the reason for withdrawal advanced on the petition.
  3. Neither complete nor partial withdrawal will be authorized because a student anticipates a low or failing grade in the course (or courses) or because of the presumed effect of a low or failing grade on the student’s cumulative grade-point average.
  4. Faculty are notified when the grade of ‘X’ is retroactively applied to a course for which a grade was entered. Typically administrative withdrawal is applied to a whole semester rather than to isolated courses. Medical withdrawals occurring after the approved withdrawal period are not associated with financial reimbursement of tuition or fees.