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Programs of Study & Intent to Graduate

Programs of Study and Declaration of Intent to Graduate

All students are required to file with their advisor a copy of their final semester course registrations (including notification of course withdrawal) and an accurate account of courses taken, grades received, and changes of designated programs of study. Deadlines for conferring with faculty advisors concerning the completion of degree requirements and for filing final programs of study and declarations of intent to graduate with college deans are specified in the university calendar.

Each college has adopted a program of studies form that best reflects the nature of its degree programs. Forms employed by the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Health Sciences have been standardized and designate three areas: University Core Curriculum requirements, major requirements, and collateral programs (second majors, minors, and unrestricted elective courses).

Credits for each course may be counted only once in a student’s program of studies. A course which is specified as a requirement for both a student’s major and minor will satisfy both requirements, as stated, but course credits may not be counted more than once and may be applied to one category of a student’s program of studies only.  Individual departments may have a more restrictive policy.

At the end of the semester following the filing of a declaration of intent to graduate, the college dean verifies course completions and required cumulative and major averages. The names of students who have satisfied all degree requirements are then forwarded to the appropriate college faculty for endorsement and, finally, to the Office of the Provost, which orders appropriate diplomas for conferral at graduation. Students who unofficially complete all degree requirements and fail to file either a declaration of intent to graduate or a program of studies will not be recommended to the Office of the Provost and conferral of the degree will be delayed until an approved declaration has been filed.