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Online & Professional Studies

Online & Professional Studies

Subject to university residency requirements and college regulations, the following categories of day students may be permitted to register for professional studies courses at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and to have such courses credited to baccalaureate day programs:

  1. individuals who have been admitted to day colleges for baccalaureate study.
  2. individuals in satisfactory academic standing who are currently matriculating in day colleges of the university.
  3. previously matriculated students in day colleges who withdrew from the university while in satisfactory academic standing, and who have been readmitted to programs in which they were previously enrolled.
  4. full-time undergraduate day school student tuition and fees do not cover courses offered by the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS). Full-time undergraduate students who register for GPS courses will be charged GPS tuition and fees as specified on the GPS website (a minimum $900 per course).
  5. In addition to the GPS tuition and fees, all students registered for GPS courses are charged a non-refundable $30 GPS registration fee.

Individuals are warned that departments reserve the right to deny baccalaureate credit for the University of Massachusetts Lowell online and professional studies courses which have been taken in violation of university residency requirements, curriculum requirements of their baccalaureate day programs, and/or special college regulations. Students who have been suspended or dismissed from day programs of the university are prohibited from enrolling in any program of the university. Students who combine university day courses with online and professional studies courses during the regular academic year are subject to all restrictions concerning semester course loads (cf. Registration and Course Enrollment Policies).

*Students on Academic Warning are permitted to register for online and professional studies, winter intersession, and summer school courses; students who have been suspended are prohibited from enrolling in any course offered by the university.

For further information visit Graduate, Online & Professional Studies.