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Undergraduate Policies

Course Requirements

Within the policies listed below, faculty members are permitted to establish their examination and course requirements.

Course Examination Policies

Final examinations are required for all undergraduate courses of the University unless exemptions have been granted by the department chairperson and the dean of the college. Exemption requests must be made by the end of the first month of the semester. Final examinations may not be given at a place or time other than those which have been specified by the Student Records Office.

There shall be no final examinations other than those administered during the final examination period. No hour examination shall be administered during the last five academic days of the semester unless exemption has been allowed by the college dean. Final take-home examinations may be submitted to instructors during the final examination period only. Take-home examinations may be submitted only on the day and time at which the Student Records Office has scheduled the final examination for the course in question.

Instructor Course Requirements

By the end of the first full week of classes, instructors must distribute a written statement of requirements, pre-requisites and co-requisites for each course and section to all students and to the department chairperson. This statement must include a specification of the number and types of course evaluations to be employed throughout the semester (including approximate date and nature of the first evaluation), special requirements for completing assignments and taking examinations, and a definition of course attendance policy. 

A minimum of three evaluations of student progress (written or oral examinations, written reports, recitations, laboratory techniques and reports, jury or performance evaluations) should be made in each course, with at least one evaluation being required during each half semester. Upon the request of a student, an instructor is required to provide a statement of the student’s course progress. 

Appeals of grades or grading policies arising from alleged violations of established or published policies must follow procedures cited under the heading Grading Policies. The terms “grade” and “grading policy” refer 1) to all grades awarded, 2) to the computation of grades examinations including final examinations, tests, quizzes, papers, essays, laboratory reports, practicum experiences, and any other kind of academic activity for which a grade of any kind is awarded, and 3) the final course grade which is submitted to the Student Records Office.